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Directly from the Caribbean…. Taty Frans joins the Point-7 Black Team.

We are amazingly proud to have his positive vibes, happy smile, and for him to share our Black sails character.

With his aggressive and motivated mood on the competition fields, he will represent Point-7 at the Professional Windsurfing Association Tour. Using our AC-One racing and Slash Freestyle sails. Competing also in foil, Taty will cover 3 disciplines.

Out of the competition arena he always travels home to his family and windsurf school, this makes a very busy competition season. Off season you do not see him sitting around, he is always doing something. On the water he is always fun, off the water he likes to keep fit. His positive vibes are very contagious, make sure you say hello when you see him.


Andrea Cucchi ’Taty is happiness, transparent, and his smiles are real. He loves his job, he loves competing and he loves working hard. He is good in many disciplines. Personally, I was impressed on his slalom results, while he was at the same time winning in the freestyle discipline.  When I see Taty, I really think he matches the way we feel with our brand. His positive attitude will be another bonus to our Point-7 lifestyle!’

Welcome to the Dark side of windsurfing Taty!

Taty just received his sails,and tried the first zero19 AC-One 7.1. His first impression on Point-7 he sent to Andrea Cucchi, was this:

How fast was the decision to join the Point-7 Black Team?

Truth is this conversation started already back in 2014 at the beach in SYLT while waiting for a slalom heat.

By the end of 2018 Pwa season I started to open myself up to new possibilities for sponsors Spoke to a couple of sponsors, received a couple of offers, but as I talked to point 7 and I felt that I can be a big asset to the Point-7 Black team, and I like the way the company help his team. So why not say a big YES!! And sure I am happy to be on the black team I believe the sails are amazingly fast and easy and I believe all the time that Andrea puts in on the water that no doubt these sails will great and I really am looking forward to the ACE 1 7 batten 3 cam machine and those SLASH freestyle sails can’t wait to spin them around 

What made you chose to go Black?  

I’ve tested the sails from a couple of current riders and I really liked them. They immediately gave me a good feeling and confidence on the water. Plus, I like the team feeling there is and the support.

Last year was the season where you came back from a hard injury. How was it for you? Had you totally recovered?

It was a long year, and at the beginning of the season I was not fully recovered yet, and I felt it. It was hard to get back into the game. Long days and the leg was not always on the good side, but I can now say with confidence that I got there. It was not my best season, but this year will be good, i feel it.

Your home spot is Bonaire. Lots of young talents have been arriving from the island. Why was this? 

We are just lucky, I guess. I started windsurfing because of my brother Tonky. He started to get on the board and teach himself how to windsurf, I went along with him. And slowly more did so too. Eventually the group got bigger every time. We train together, to give each other tips, but we also challenge each other, to push the limits every time and just try that new move or try to go a bit faster.

How is it now? Will we see more new talents soon?

If you go to Sorobon on most days, you will find a new group of youngster windsurfing. These guys have so much potential! When they are not in school, they are on the water, and they love it. This is where it all starts. If they manage to keep this determination and discipline, the world will see new Bonaire Pro’s very soon!

How is your time spent in Bonaire? As we know that you are also opening a windsurfing centre?

On the 30th of December 2018 my brother Tonky and I finally managed to open up our own windsurfing school; The Frans Paradise. This is where I will spend most of my days actually where I was or am always spend my time, this will only give me more sailing time as i will always have to be at the beach other than that a couple of times a week you will first find me in the gym in the morning, after that I am at Sorobon at our centre for the rest of the day. Here I give some lessons if needed, we rent and give foil lessons and beginners equipment and In-between the work I have fun and enjoy the company. And night it’s movie time with my daughter and off to bed early.

Will you do also coach to young kids who want to turn pro?

I try my best. For now, I push and give tips to the group of kids that are upcoming at Sorobon, and I am always open to help more, if they are serious about getting there. We have a good plan/project in mind so this will only be good for the kids. Which can be awesome.

What are your plans this year for training? Will you train only on your home spot?

Yes, I do most of my training on Bonaire. You have all the conditions needed here. Besides training on the water, I have my coach that will train me in the gym, to get ready for the new season, not only in the gym, but also to get my nutrition on track.

You do 3 disciplines, what are your goals for each?

I love windsurfing even when I feel unmotivated i still go to the beach and just to find the motivation to go have atleast a little me time it just go out and windsurf for 30minutes if conditions are there. I would love to be top 10 in all three discipline for 2019. I already did top 10 in both freestyle and slalom back in 2016 slalom 6th freestyle 9th so why not add a top 10 in foil, it won’t be easy but it’s possible.

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