Who needs footstraps?

In the 90’s, there was a youg wave sailor from Belgium who drove down to the Canaries, and never drove back. He took part at some of the PWA events, and he was one of the most radical on tour, who was scoring big air radical jumps! By pushing the limits of the gear, he ended up destroying his knees, feet and ankles to go bigger then the others due to some hard landings.

Nevertheless all the injuries he did not give up the idea to slow doen…..going over any limits, till he was forced to slow down. The doctors, but also his legs, told him that the straps were to forget as everytime he would get locked in, something would get immediately injured. At first thought you would thing that windsurfing woul be to be abandoned…. but not for Bart David!

Can a windsurfer give up his lifestyle and passion? NO!, but not easy with Bart’s problem! So what did he do? He just took off his straps from his boards and kept ripping!

Back loops and great wave sailing are his daily bread in Cabezo. Sailing everyday with all the local top riders, fighting for his space on the lip of the wave. From the beach no one will believe he has no straps on his boards!

Check out the sequence…and follow Bart David’s daily photos on FB pages where they show the Cabezo Action!

Go Bart!

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