When Ricardo goes big!

The most hardcore wave sailor on the scene Ricardo Campello is always the one to watch. He goes the biggest, and he is currently in 4th position on the PWA World Tour ranking after the first event in Gran Canaria. If you have ever tried to windsurf in the conditions of Pozo, Gran Canaria, you will know how hardcore it can be, and just as you approach that big wave and perhaps hesitate to jump on it, Ricardo will be hitting it with full speed!

As the second event of the PWA World Tour is starting today, we caught up with Ricardo to pick his brain on what goes through his mind just before that jump, his gear of choice, and his connection with Point-7

P7: Higher, faster and more extreme than anyone else! What goes through your mind before hitting that wave to fly in 40knots of wind?
RC: To be honest before going Up I just dont think too much about it , I just try to be as most controlled as I can and try not to be afraid !

P7: What sail size were you using during your high scoring heats?
RC: 3.6

P7: You´ve been involved with the Salt sail now for a while, and you were on the new Salt Pro. Does it meet up to your demands to be pushing the limits of windsurfing?
RC: Yes , the New Salt pro is feeling amazing , better then ever and it definitely  meets my demands for both on shore and side off conditions !

P7: Italian brand, Latino boy, what connects you. The design, the attitude, the performance or something else?
RC:Pretty much Everything , I know Italians have a bit of latino Attitude as well , product is amazing and the team is also really cool

You can catch up with all of the action this week at www.pwaworldtour.com and if you wish to follow Ricardo in his daily life, you should click by his instagram account @ricardo_campello


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