What do you bring for racing?

You go to a race, and you need to be sure to have all the vital stuff to do your job good. This time we are not talking about gear, which is obviously already there, but all what is needed during the day… … a long training day or racing day. Each rider has their habits, so let’s find out what they have in their back packs when they walk down to the beach.

  • Starting watch and headphones for the starting procedures. Every day recharged.
  • Go pro with all accessories. There is always a chance and time to do some media work in between and during.
  • Mobile, to do some mails and social media, practical to be connected to latest forecasts.
  • Camera to film between breaks.
  • Battery charger in case something runs out!
  • Energy bars, as often there is no time for other food.
  • Water bottle- would need more!
  • Rice, pasta, fruit, and any other food.
  • Cardio and watch. Sometimes for curiosity is good to study the data later in the evening.
  • GPS
  • Minibook, Ipads..
  • Sun glasses…. More reasons for these!
  • Sun screen
  • Wallet…you never know you need more food than you bring to the beach!
  • Cap, looking a bit tidier after sailing with the hair!
  • Drone

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