Wave Dutch Championships : Martin Ten Hoeve Rules the first event!

For now Dutch wave champion 2015! Tell us about your emotions?
I’m happy! I’ve done what I was supposed to do. The conditions where actually harder for a big big guy..


This was the first event of of the Dutch Wave Championship, when is the second one?
That will be in a month window in October. The fact is that my window is fully booked prety much from the PWA Events. We wil have Sylt, Crozon and Maui. So will be luck if I can compete at the second event to go for the title.

Where did the championships take place?
On my home spot Wijk aan Zee. That was really good feel to win on your own spot.

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Which conditions made this championship happen?
It was tricky as the forecast was really unstable and so it became a last last minute call.
The morning started really slow and it took few hours for the waves to move in around the Jetty.
We started with 1m waves and ended with 1/5 m waves.

Do you like those conditions? Which sails and sail sizes did you use?
First part of the comp I didnt like it as it was really gusty and small waves but luckly my 5.6 Salt is really allround sail and together with 118L I could work myself through the heats.

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Who was in the final against you?
Mathijs van Dijk what is a new young guy, im happy to see there are few new youngsters coming up and putting down a good level.

Your next event will be PWA? What do you expect? Will you go there earlier?
PWA Pozo is around the corner and till now I’ve done my training here in Holland and Denmark and will go probably 1 week before the event to the canaries to get adjusted!


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