Victory for Yentel Caers at EFTP Fuerteventura

Last week of June it was time for the next EFTP event in Fuerteventura. Exactly at the windsurfing centre of Matas Bay in Costa Calma. Point-7 has proudly been a supporter of this event and happy to announce that you also will find our gear at the Matas Bay center!

28 riders were present with 5 whom were armed with the Point-7 their Slash freestyle sail, including our freestyle superhero Yentel Caers, Bel 16. From the lokal ranks we had Maksimilian Lesniewski, Robyn Van Linden (4th under 18), and winner of the rookie Class Ancor Sosa.

Yentel showed amazing skills and went off winning both finals in the double elimination, the tow-in and the overall event.
The season is on, and we are proud of our Freestyle Point-7 Black Team and would like to thank Victor from the Windsurfing Centre of Matas Bay along with our Canarian Distributor Davide Zilli, who have worked hard to bring on a new event for the EFTP tour.

Yentel Caers: “I’m stocked to have won the event. It was from Sylt last year PWA that I was not competing. The spot is very nice here in Matas Bay. It’s super flat water and it was fun to sail. The competition was organized very well. There were lots of youngsters taking part, and they were sailing by expressing moves I was not expecting to see from 14years olds. Now we go to Lanzarote, where the condition will be totally different due to big swells, and later PWA back to Fuerte.”

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