Toyota Japan Cup on Kohama island

The Japanese slalom tour is a great national circuit which includes many events around the country. While you are in Tokyo with 3-10’c, you can fly in few hours south of the country and meet amazing winds, islands and  over 20’c.

Here is the report from our Point-7 Black Team rider, Fujiko Onishi, Jpn 94:

The event  was held from 20 to 22 January, on kohama island of south east Japan.  Beautiful sea, nice people, nice hotel and everything amazing. This was last year event for the 2016 title.  Our next event will be for the first time after years, the Ana PWA World Cup in may. So yes, Pwa back in Japan!

The kohama island event was at its third edition.  Andrea Cucchi  Ita1,  also came to the event in 2015. The event has become bigger, most focusing in the great hospitality in Japan.   Mr. Shouji Tsukasa, our cooperation president, decided to have a  competition in kohama island, to keep promoting windsurfing also in the winter, in this super nice location and windy place, to show the great lifestyle our sport can bring.

The event is divided in different classes. Pro men’s class 38competitoters, pro women’s 15, amateur men’s 22, amateur women’s 9, total 84 competitors joined the races.

The kohama island is generally delivering in the winter season 20 to 30 knots.

First day was super windy 36knots, than there was a rest day with no wind the second day and on the last day, the typical day of 20knots. Thanks to the conditions all classes could do 5races.

Akinori Goshi and myself from the Point-7 team finished third and second in our class division. We had just received our new boards and sails,  so not much time to tune all of it for the competition, but first time on everything, it felt great already.

I like to thank  my great sponsors ,point7,novenove,breakoutwetsuit,lipsunglasses,citric,scosche, kengorouseikotuin, Tanaka iron and steel, homare battery cooperation, fareast ,black team Japan, my friends  and my families!!
Thanks of support of kohamaisland , Toyota ,ANA, Resonare kohamaisland and many other companies ,we did do great races and enjoyed kohama island!
Kohama island is an amazing place for windsurfers to visit!!

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