Torviscas, Tenerife


If the superforecast of windguru is the correct one for El Medano, it’s also working for other more unsual windsurfing spots in Tenerife. If it happens that you have a week holiday in Tenerife, and windguru gives no wind at El Medano, take a look at the spot of Las Americas. If it gives only 10knots of North West, you can already start adding on 5 knots to that. So don’t give up the idea that there is no wind, it could be on the otherside.

2 choices. If it is strong and you want to jump of the rocks and reef you can go wave sailing directly at the south part of Las Americas, or if you want something more relaxing with the family, we tested out la Fanabe Beach in Torviscas with our slalom gear. 

As it was a beautiful saturday, I loaded whole my family on my girlfriend’s 1988 bmw, a couple of windurfing sets on the roof, (with no roof rack ofcourse), and picked up Vincent to have one of the guys to train with on the water and to do a bit of baby sitting!, and drove the 20km from El medano. 

You can park few metres from the beach walk. A funny story? While unloading the car from all the prams, boards, toys and anything which was fitting on, Vincent was guarding one of the few first row free parking place. A car with 2 guys and a girl stopped infront of Vincent to take the parking spot. Vincent told with his finger that they could not park there as he was waiting for his friends to park, so one of the guys, half size of Vincent jumped out the car, quite arrogantly walked to him without opening mouth, shaved head , and maybe a bit of fat muscles and………., the reaction of Vincent was then immediate…… Vincent walked away at high speed, and let their car park!! My girlfriend and I loughed….as we saw Vincent running away. We think he did not realize that he was double the size, but he is still insisting, that the shaved guy from a closer look, has a mafia look and dangerous means! So never let Vincent reserve a parking place for you! Yes we are still making fun of him after 3 days. 

Luxury hotels, palm trees, nice equipped beach, or free beach is the sorrounding. A lot of shops and restaurants. Very touristic look, but it gives a good feeling of holidays to have a sail out from there. There a lot of nice entertainement for the kids to have fun. The beach is sheltered to be comfortable out of the wind when not windsurfing, and there is grass to rig the sails. Lot’s of beach bar and lot of happy hours after 7. 

Nice and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a different day away from the baia of El medano.

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