Tobi Ulrich – Interview

Tobi Ulrich: our Point-7 technical service and advice team, for our Point-7 German clients. 

Tobi Ulrich is a total windsurfing passionate who has dedicated both his free and work-time to windsurfing.  Many of you have known Tobi as he was working in one of the most known shops in the country, guiding the Facebook group of the Windsurfing Blacksheep, and organizer of the Speed Kini.

Today he has decided to have a change in his life, work closer to where he lives to have more time for his family, but at the same time working always in the windsurfing industry.


Ciao Tobi, we often saw you windsurfing all year round in the lake of Walchensee. Is that your home spot?

Ciao Andrea, yes Walchensee is my most used home spot, as it is thermal, and we have much good days during the warmer month. And then in autumn and spring we can have strong days in the fog. But I like Kochelsee much too, as it is our strong wind lake where you can use sails from 5.6 to 7.1 usually. And then of course we have our classic spots like Ammersee, Starnberger See and many other little spots. So, as you see I am going wherever the wind is and whenever I have the time to.

So how many days a week do you windsurf? Many claims you sail every day, is it true?

No, unfortunately it is not true. I have times when I have three or five days a week, but that depends on when the wind starts. If we have a period of wind at Kochelsee it’s easier, as the wind kicks in in the night. Then I start from my home at around 4.30 to be there when there is enough light to go out. This is round about 6. Then I go to work. All other days are at the weekend or maybe after work. So, in fact I have around 100 days a year.

You have decided to move on to a new experience and responsibility for windsurfing. Can you tell us more about it?

So basically, there were several reasons for me to make a change. The main reason was my family.  I had a long drive to go to work, and this took away time I could be home and have some extra time for them.  I saw that Point-7 was setting up a new policy worldwide, and that maybe they could have the need for someone in Germany. Working for Point-7 and with Andrea Cucchi was one of my dream. Since the beginning of Point-7 I’m addicted to the lifestyle of the brand. It’s more than a product for me. It’s my passion and I am standing completely behind the brand.  POINT-7 is a pure windsurfing brand, who only develops windsurfing rigs with their professional team. A pure top range product, for pure windsurfers.


You are talking about the new policy of Point-7. What does it mean?

For zero19 Point-7 wanted to make sure your windsurfing purchases become more unique. Closer to the clients and more direct. Giving the best price for the best gear. The idea is not to stress out people to look for the best discount to make sure to get the same price as others.  So what Point-7 has been doing, was to set a best fixed transparent price, without having than to fight for a discount that anyway, it’s given to everyone in the end. Real prices, and because everything is more direct, now the pricing is also lower and fair.


What does it mean more direct? The sails will be sold online?

The idea of direct is meaning comfort. You can decide to buy Point-7 through the exclusive and specialized dealers in Germany, or on their online shops, or directly on our Point-7 online shop. This way the full range is available at any time anywhere, but most of all, with the best service.


What will be your role in in all this new strategy?

My role will be to assist Point-7 German clients and windsurfers, in German language.  So, if anybody needs help, has questions on products, need advices or any aftersales service, I’m ready to answer and support.


What are the advantages in contacting you when someone will need info on Point-7 products?

I use the product, I’ve been going through each detail so I’m sure everyone will get a very detailed, efficient service.

I’ve been doing this also from my previous job before for many years, and as now I focus on one product only, it will be ever more detailed.  Many windsurfers know me, know that I’m fair and ready to give them what is the best advice for them. This is the most important thing. I’m an enthusiastic windsurfer who is active, so I speak the same language as who will contact me.  Andrea is one of the first numbers on my mobile, so in case of extra support I can have more feedback directly from the boss. The service is extended to all over Germany.

Why has Point-7 chosen you to have this responsibility?

I think it is a question of trust from both sides, and Point-7 has seen how much I was already doing to support the black sails in my area in the past.  I think Point-7 saw this as a logical step. Andrea really wanted me to this as he knows, and at which level my knowledge in windsurfing and service has been. So, drop in German a mail at any time at [email protected]

Except from their online shop in which exclusive dealers will Point-7 be available in Germany?

It will be available in several selected shops already. The goal is to have our clients to visit shops that have gear to show in stock, know about the product to give service at the best level. Soon there will be more details about new dealers.

Will Point-7 be present at Dusseldorf?

Of course! I will be there too, at least for some days.

Tell us about the Blacksheep Facebook group. You are alone running it all? You have over 1000 members? Is it only for Point-7, is it for everyone. or is it not a too close group which may exclude those who would like to be part?

No, it is not me alone! I am one of the known faces from the group. It would not be possible without the other guys. The most important one for me is Marco Gabbatel, as he is a good friend and we know each other for many years. Marco is our creative head. In the last months Frank Maibach joined us. Point-7 is helping to organize events and other sponsoring. We are a couple of friends who are running it and just for fun and to share windsurfing passion.  Yes, we have 1018 members right now. Unbelievable! Basically, the group is exclusive for point-7 riders and those who want to get one. But at our events for example everybody is welcome and as the past shows the other riders like it and celebrate with us. We are windsurfers and want to share with most windsurfers.

 Will this be your main job?

I’m leaving my old shop to have more free time for the family, more free time for windsurfing and more time to work for Point-7. I am checking to create a package where I can do this for more brands and have some project.  Now I’m also team manager for I- 99 boards.

 Tell us about your Speed Kini?

In 2013 I founded the Speed Kini. I wanted to create a simple platform for everybody to compete just at the lakes. The reason for that is simple. In other speed events people can upload files from everywhere…so how should a usual customer compare with a guy who is surfing on a channel or something like that. So, everybody must show how fast he can go in the same conditions, on the same lakes. We have four different categories the main tab, the women, U18 and new this year foil. What I like the most, is to see is how good some young guns are and that some of them get a chance to be sponsored after a good result at the Speed Kini. Last year we had 130 competitors and it’s growing.

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