The New C-Series SDM masts

Black, aggressive, light and beautiful. These are the new Point-7 masts, developed and built in Italy, with a new re-fined technology.

The latest precision in the layout process of the materials, and the 100% efficiency in minimizing the resins, has led to save 300 grams on average. The curves have not changed, but the feeling will be new, meaning lighter and more responsive.

The mast is a very important accessory for the rig. It’s the back bone for a windsurfing sail. It’s where the development starts. Once you have defined and developed a preferred mast curve and material characteristics, the sail designer starts cutting the sail on that mast. Just like having a suit tailor made.

The mast may all look the same from outside, but inside who knows what quality carbon is selected, how many layers are used, and how they are assembled. Who can guarantee that the mast you are buying will fit your sail, from just an imcs and carbon percentage. A sail brand has all the interest to make sure that their masts are having the exact curve from which the sail is developed from. Otherwise, all the detail work done on the sail development, for searching the maximum performance, would be lost.

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