Ricardo is set for Gran Canaria World Cup

Ricardo landed in Gran Canaria a little bit more than a month ago. Next week the first PWA wave event will take off. Here some photos from Ricardo taken by Jose’ Pina, on his new zerpo19 Point-7 Salt Pro pre-series, and RC few thoughts before his first event this year!

The Sails are nice! The feeling is amazing. I’m a tough one to make happy, but this year, I’ve got nothing to say to what I received!

The Salt Pro are super light due to the work in the details Point-7 has done this year.

The manoeuvrability is fast, and it feels more compact in the hands.

I realized that the range feels bigger. I mean when guys were sailing on 3.7 I was out on my Salt 4.0 and still could hold on pretty good to it and close all moves.

The Salt pro are also super-fast, so I can go as high as I can, and this is something that we pro-riders are really looking for. It allows us to go higher and have more times to do the double moves.

I’m on new Brunotti boards are also super sick, and as the sails work that good, it took me no time to get used to new boards. The boards can be ordered online, and they’ll be shaped custom by Peter Thommen! Unique!

As I feel very comfortable with my equipment, this will help a lot my results. Conditions have been amazing here in Pozo this month and I feel good on the water! Let’s see if this year I can finally be on the podium again, focusing more on the score…but still I enjoy too much to go over even my own limits.

Few days ago, I wanted to go really high to try a push loop Double Forward, but I went quite high and the wind got to the other side of my sail and I almost close 3 back\push loops. I had no idea where I was, but I felt close to land something epic!

I have on my mind for a while some new jumps, and now looking at the forecast, I will try it in the event if I manage to get to the top heats. The gear will not be the limit, so I will go for it.

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