Ricardo Campello & Point-7 – the winning match

The return of the PWA La Torche has brought records to the tour. The number of spectators, the number of windsurfers, brands, legends and the whole environment connected to windsurfing was superb.


9 days where you could feel the sport being alive and surrounded by passionate. The wind was unfortunately not kicking in to allow all the disciplines to obtain results, but one day of epic waves and wind made the PWA crown one winner: Ricardo Campello in the waves discipline.


Ricardo Campello, entering the Black Team from Point-7 this year, has made his first win at the PWA waves ever!  This was the mission the team had been working on. Bringing the motivation back to Ricardo, and supplying him with the gear he needed to show his real skills. Prove himself, as he did lots of times in his career, such as winning 3 freestyle world championships tittle, which he could win in the waves as well.

La Torche gave perfect side shore starboard tack conditions where Ricardo used his Salt Campello Ltd in the sizes 5.2, 5.0, 4.8 and 4.5.  Having his whole team on the beach caddying him, with his great talent, he kept advancing all the heats, obtaining also the highest score of the day, straight in the first heat.


Another great wave result was obtained by Martin Ten Hoeve who finished in 9th position on the Salt5G. An incredible result for Martin being used to port tack conditions.

Our slalom team had to be happy to entertain the fans and spectators at the Point-7 stand at the expo, with different promo activities which brought fun and new friendships to everyone.


[blockquote cite=”Andrea Cucchi -” type=”center”]What can we say? It all started in 2012 when we built the black team and developed a system. From then to now the concept of team work has been bringing incredible results. Winning a wave event of the PWA, at this top level, with probably one of the best conditons seen from a long time at one event, it’s an amazing feeling. We knew Ricardo could do it. He went close to it in Pozo, dominated most super sessions, tow ins, and now this win.

It’s not just the fact of training together, but it’s the actual atmosphere of the team which is the key to the top results that the Black Team is obtaining.

The family feeling installed in the team, the friendship within the group, the space that each rider has found in the group gives them the spirit to do their job with motivation and obtain important results. Work and sweat, is transformed into fun. Like kids with great motivation to play. Creative kids, with creative ideas, which are put in their training and in the development of gear.

We still have a lot of projects and ideas, so let’s keep going!

I would like also to thank our Nicolas and Herve’ from Bam distribution who did a great job during the exhibition’[/blockquote]



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