PWA Slalom Sylt!

If you want to beat a Point-7, you need a Point-7.

This is how the PWA Sylt slalom happened to be. For Point-7, Sylt made us write something new we never had in our timeline! Thanks to Matteo Iachino and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel from our Black Team, the AC-One managed to gain the top 2 spots on the podium.

Matteo had one back to back 3 full elimination leaving no space for any of his most competitors to even get close. On the last elimination of the event, therefore the fourth, it was Gonzalo Costa Hoevel on his 8.6 AC-One who managed to win over Matteo and get the last bullet of the event, but with Matteo still in second.

Now the showdown for the PWA slalom title will be in the last event of the year in La Torche, France. Matteo has a nice advantage, but still needs to make sure he is there to fight for the overall title.

Another great result, which might not be considered, only because of the top performance of his team, is the 6th of Bruno Martini. The young rider who is putting a lot of effort in the training and was for the first time in top 10! It’s an amazing result to again add in our books. 3 point-7 in top 10 is another new record for our brand.

It’s so big the result the Point-7 Black Team has done in Sylt, that it’s still hard to realize. In Sylt this result was obtained by racing for 4 elimination in a very competitive condition, where the gear needs to be working and be comfortable. Offshore winds, with no chance to change gear, choppy and gusty which makes it hard on the body, without thinking of the 10°C we were all racing in. If you are not there on the water is hard to get the feeling on how hard this event can be on the body. So anything which makes it easy can only help further. To have had this result is a feedback that makes us all go home happy to know that these first  ten years of hard work on the brand have been done in the right way. To have our AC-One dominating such an event was a dream to see. Our 7.9 has been a master piece that has been taken often for reference, this year the new 9.2 was winning most of the light wind elimination we have done, the 8.6 has dominated in Sylt with 2 riders, and Matteo was showing great speeds in Fuerteventura with the smaller sizes. We cannot not  be happy of our development! I’m super happy that we also have brought a new talent to the top ten in this event. Bruno deserves it as his putting all he can into building his career in windsurfing. I would also like to thank Francesco who is one of the key members in our office, and came with us to Sylt to help out the team.

Andrea Cucchi

Point-7 is now having 3 riders in the top 10, with Matteo Iachino leading the ranking, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel in 7th, and the boss Andrea Cucchi in 9th.

Next Event, La Torche 25-30 OCT.

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