PWA Slalom Hvide Sande. POINT-7 back to the top!

Last week the PWA visited for the first time Hvide Sande. South from the most known windsurfing spot of Klitmoeller in Denmark, where in one week, the PWA wave event will take part.

Hvide Sande was the 4th event for the PWA slalom discipline. Therefore, the event which has brought the discard to the riders. For the girls it was actually the second and last event.

Point-7 with his Black Team rider Matteo Iachino, are now back in leading the PWA slalom overall ranking. After two eliminations completed, Matteo was not only able to bring himself first at the event, but also in the provisional year ranking. Matteo is now leading with 2 events win, a fourth, and a seventh which is his discard. Always in the man division, our boss Andrea Cucchi, is in the 7th overall position after finishing 6th in Denmark. With this fourth event, he discarded the event in Fuerteventura, where he had decided to caddy Matteo. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel is now in 14th place, and with two more events to go, Sylt and La Torche, he still has a chance to jump in top 10.

The girls slalom PWA World Tour has ended with this last event. Lena Erdil is Vice World Slalom Champion. Lena was winning 2 of the 3 slalom elimination which were ran in the 2 events. Unfortunately, her second slalom where she finished 7th, added her that extra point, to not be crowned champion, but vice champion.  Fujiko Onishi, with her incredible starts, and speeds finished 4th.

hs16_ls_andrea_cucchiIt has been a tough PWA season till now. There is no chance for mistake at the events. We did not do many slalom eliminations at each event, and therefore if you do one mistake one elimination, the final result can be a disaster. Matteo has been focused, and made sure his gear would work in a wide wind range.  This factors secured him with constant performance, knowing that no matter how strong or light the wind gets in his sails, he would be going fast. He knows he has the speed, so he can focus on the race. I’m seventh and really amazed. I have the same gear as the leader, so this could be one of the reasons! Gonzalo is 13th, and this makes 3 riders in the top 15 ranking. At Point-7 +we are super impressed by the results of our #point7girls.  It was close for Lena to win the World Champion title, as she missed it by 0.7 point. She just needed to have on point less in the first slalom in Hvide Sande, but we cannot live with ‘if’, so we have to be proud of her Vice Champion position. It has been a very tough month for Lena, and this second place has a double value. I’m totally proud of the full Point-7 girls team. They all did a great job. Our rider from Japan, Fujiko Onishi, finished 4th after her first year on tour. Cagla Kubat and Esther de Geus, both in top 10, made a total of 4 girls on Point-7 in the top 10, which is a great result, as this time there were 31 girls taking part at one event!!

Andrea Cucchi 

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