PWA Costa Brava – The Boss on the Podium!

Catalunya PWA World Cup Slalom. 2° Event for 2016

Two finished slalom eliminations were able to bring the result to this second PWA slalom event in Costa Brava. The wind was light from onshore conditions and all riders were on their biggest gear.

Brand Manager Andrea Cucchi managed to jump for the first time in his life on the PWA podium, by finishing third, after winning a loser and winner final. Andrea is now ranking 7th overall after the 2 events.

[mk_blockquote style=”line-style”  align=”left”]Before the event, during a dinner with friends, I was making fun that I never went on a podium in 20 years of PWA. It’s actually true that not many riders have won a final or went on the podium during the career, nevertheless they might have had many top 5 positions. Well now I can change that for myself, to the fact that it took me 20 years to get on a PWA podium. So never give up the idea! Thanks to the way our Black Team works, I did not feel like it was myself winning the second final in the PWA Costa Brava, nor myself being finally first time on the podium after 20years of PWA. Not myself who got this result of this week with my brand, and my sails. I really felt that It was thanks to work done from our team, who works together to support each in the training, during the testing, and when developing each single detail. I have to thank especially my guys who work hard in the office, and give me the luxury opportunity to be on the water with my skilled Black team, proving our brand through results and performance!’

Andrea Cucchi, ITA-1[/mk_blockquote]

A good event was also carried out by our Matteo Iachino, who after few late starts, still managed to land in 7th position in Costa Brava. Matteo is now second overall in the PWA ranking.

[mk_blockquote style=”line-style”  align=”left”]I’m happy for my result. It still keeps me in the top 2 positions from the overall ranking after having won in Korea, and with the high level there is at the PWA, a top 10 result is always gold and very important to be able to fight for the final top ranking result. My speed was good, I had some late starts due to few mistakes that I knew that I was making, so now I’m looking forward for good windy races in Fuerteventura at the end of July’.

Matteo Iachino, ITA-140[/mk_blockquote]

Amazing performance also by the 2 young guns from Point-7.  Nicolas Goyard, performed excellently as the 20 year old qualified for the semi-finals finished the round in 14th place. Jan Kosmina from Slovenja, 19 years old, finished 16th overall, being the youngest in the top 16.

[mk_blockquote style=”line-style”  align=”left”]I’m very excited by my result as it’s the first year I will do the first PWA tour, and having finished in this position, increases my motivation to continue training and working hard as done till now. Being in the Black Team which is supporting has helped me a lot.

Jan Kosmina, SLO-9[/mk_blockquote]

Next Event will be in Fuerteventura from the 27th to the 31st of July, where the conditions could be as usual for stronger winds.

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