Matteo Iachino, PWA Slalom Overall Leader

Matteo Iachino, from the Black Team is now leading the PWA Slalom World Tour 2016. After 4 events between Korea, Costa Brava, Fuerteventura and Hvide Sande. Discarding his 7th place of Costa Brava, his points counting are 2x1st place and a fourth. Matteo at the age of 26 is confirming his second season where he is fighting for the world title. 2 more events to go. Sylt and La Torche. Hard spots, due to the rolling waves and cold temperatures which could be hosting the event, but also the chance of light winds. Here a quick interview from Matteo, straight after Hvide Sande.

Ciao Matteo you are now back into the lead of the Pwa slalom tour. Where you in the same position last year before the last 2 events?
No I wasn’t. Last year I was in the lead before the last event, not before the last two. I came out of Sylt in the lead, not before. So it’s a very different situation.

How does it feel to be first and having 2 more events?
I feel really good. It shows me what I could achieve till now. I feel confident with myself, my boards and sails and I’m ready to push 100%.

You have won in Sylt already. Tell us about the spot and event in general. What are your expectations?
Yes last year i won there. The place is hard as we race in the worst conditions. If it s wavy and windy it s wavediscipline, if it s windy and flat it s freestyle and then we get the light, gusty wavy condition. I don t think we are going to have a lot of eliminations, it s going to be the “all in” situation and you have to be there with no mistakes to get a good result. Let s see! Hope fully it s going to be different this year. 

Pwa Slalom 2 years ago did not happen due to lack of wind. Last year only one event.  What’s the spot like?
It s a matter of luck and low pressure moving. But this year it s going to happen later so it could actually be colder but better. The problem is that we also do 3 disciplines in Sylt. If  it’s strong they do waves, if it’s medium wind they do freestyle, so often even if it’s windy for slalom, we need to split the event time with the other disciplines, and it ends up that we do not race as much is we could.

Now after one year of Point-7, which sail size do you feel most competitive on? We saw you winning eliminations on 5.6 and on 9.2.
I really like all the sizes but the 9.2 , 7.8 and 5.6 are the ones I love. It’s also what I used the most. If it’s light I use the 9.2, but I can hold it till I can be on my 7.8. It makes life so easy. The 7.8 is so fast that I just know that I could be winning heats without having speed problems. Too bad that we never used till now this season. 5.6 has made me win the first elimination in over 40 knots. It’s a good feeling to win slaloms in strong wind.

Have you had time to test the final AC-One 2017 sails? Any opinion?
Yes we have almost finished everything. We are going to have A bit more stability and range in most of the sizes. It was not easy to improve the sails! 5.6 and 6.3 are having less power on the back end, which makes them easier to jibe and control in stronger winds. 7.2 and 7.9 gained power from the longer boom, but also stability in strong wind. 8.6 and 9.2 have been cleaned up, but very carefully, as they are winning sails!

What are your plans now before Sylt?
I’m now driving to Milan where I’m going to take a flight to Tarifa for the 2018 Starboard iSonic test and then I’ll go home for a week to relax!

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