Marco Vinante interviewed

Did you know our freestyle team rider Marco Vinante who has combined his dreams of staying on the water with the world of modeling? Check out his story right here below with this interview we did with him recently:

Ciao Marco, you are now in South Africa. Is this a usual winter home spot you like to be in the coldest European months?  Ciao!!! Yes, this year is the third time that I spend the winter in South Africa with all the Italian freestylers like Jacopo Testa, Giovanni Passani, Mattia Fabrizi and others …I really like that we can train all together in many difference spots that Cape Town can offer!!!

South Africa is mostly famous for its waves, but lately a lot of freestylers are also choosing this location for their winter. What are the reasons and spots? One reason is for sure is because it’s super windy and we need to train in strong wind, as one of the main events we have is in Fuerteventura, where the wind blows strong. In Cape town you can find also light wind and many difference conditions that makes the training period very efficient…. and a little session of wave riding sometimes is not that bad!!

Andrea Cucchi has chosen you as one of the main testers for the Freestyle Slash. The first successful Slash was tested, by only you and it was a big hit in the Point-7 sail range. It seems you have a good tester’s feeling. How much work was there behind the sail?  For me was an honour that Andrea chose me as the main tester for the Slash!! I was super excited and happy to work for it!!! Yes behind the sail there was of course a lot of work, like making prototype and testing, changing things for like only 0,3 cm sometimes ….but  working with the positive vibes and The love that Andrea put in his job  make the work very easy and fun! I’m looking forward to work on the 019 Slash!!!

Yentel Caers is now in the Freestyle team from Point-7. Did you manage to sail and test with him? Do you agree on what is there to improve? I total agree with Yentel, he is very talented and for sure together we can work on the sail, to make it the best in the world!!!

Last year we have seen you suddenly on the main TV channels for different big brands advertising. It was a total surprise! Which was your first job as a model? My first job as a Model was two years ago in South Africa, it was a TV commercial for Malibu, (rum).

How did you get in that world? It was the first year I went to Cape Town. That year I remember I wanted to stay there as much as possible to train very hard, but for me was hard to stay there that time without a job. So, after one week in Cape Town, I started to ask in some bar and restaurant to let me work in like a barman; in the meanwhile, a friend of mine told me to try to work as a Model because Cape Town is very busy in the fashion industry.  So, the day after I joined the first model agency I found. I asked them to let me work, but in the beginning, they started laughing, but after one week I was working for them!!

Why did you choose to start a parallel career? I chose to start a parallel career because without it, I couldn’t continue the other one!

Is it easy to fit in both? Modelling is that kind of job that a windsurfer can describe like a “gusty” job!! So I have times during the year that I am super busy and time that I have a lot of free time…so is not that easy, but you can do it!!

Which was the first important advertising you did? My first ADV was for Sergio Tacchini!

Did you work with any famous known VIP? Paolo Sorrentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Clive Owen ….

Any covers on fashion or trendy magazines? Yes, I did one cover last year for a fashion magazine in Switzerland!

A windsurfer, between amazing models? How does that work? It works like the 4,0 Slash in 35 knots…. Perfect!!!

What are your plan for this year in modelling and of course in Windsurfing?  This year I’ll try to compete in most of the competitions of the PWA freestyle world tour, Efpt and national events!!!! About the modelling I hope the “Gusts” of work doesn’t come during the main windsurfing event of the year!!!!!!



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