Lena is now a vlogger

Lena Erdil, our allround team rider and vice world champion has joined the vlogging stream and is already online with her next episode. Here is what she had to say along with her first vlog episode:

My first day in Noumea I went straight for a lesson with the newly crowed Foiling World Champion, Thomas Goyard ! I had a great time learning to fly! Absolutely loved my first foiling experience and can’t wait to get more into it actually! So if you want to start also here are some good tips from the Champ and of course I think it will be quite encouraging to watch me fail 😉 this was not a pretend first lesson, they were actually my first ever flights !

Special Thanks to Thomas and his club the ACPV for borrowing me the foiling equipment and this great initiation !

If you have any questions regarding beginning to foil you can comment below and I will try and answer them for you or get them answered by Thomas or some of the other Foiling experts around..

Check out her episode for yourself right here:

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