Kurosh Kiani comes back!

Danish pro windsurfer Kurosh Kiani Joins his old sponsors Angulo Boards and Point-7. Having been on both brands before, Kurosh finds the set-up he think is what is going to give him the tools and support needed to improve on the world tour and continue to provide the windsurfing world with great articles and clips from around the world.

To this change, Kurosh had this to say:

First and mostly, Its times of changes, lots of things have been re-structured, and ultimately I have brought my life closer to friends and family with this sponsor change. I even changed my sail number and will be rocking D83 in the future!. I have been riding for both Angulo Boards and Point-7 before and have great relationships with Andrea Cucchi. I was one of the first “black team” riders back in the day when Andrea took me in and I stayed with him on Sardinia for a whole winter. Back then it was pretty much just him and I, today is a different story. We always have great battles out on the water and I look forward to kicking his ass this year!
II know I have the backbone and support along with Point-7 to pursue my goals and kick some ass! Last but not least I embark on a great upcoming time together with my friend Christian in Denmark as we have started up the company Gear Direct which is going to take over distribution of both Angulo Boards and Point-7 in Denmark and expanding with SUP´s and other products we think are great!”
Kurosh Kiani DEN 83

Andrea Cucchi, the head of Point-7 has this to say about Kurosh coming back to the brand:

Kurosh is another pro rider which is coming back to our team this year, but for the first time will be a member the new BLACK TEAM! Kurosh has always been a friend whom I’ve enjoyed sharing time with around the world over the last years of the PWA tour. We had a lot of great fights on the water. Kurosh is an IT specialist, and due to this, he has a passion to create a lot of media work for the windsurfing world. Many nice videos, websites have been created by KK in our sport! Kurosh will also lead up the Danish distribution of Point-7 together with his partner Christian Weber. This makes us proud as we know that all Danish windsurfers will get top quality advice when picking their new gear from such an experienced team of people.

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