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We met John on the race fields, we liked his attitude, we enjoyed his company during the events, and he has had the talent to be 5 times national Greek Champion. Due to this we are sure he will be able to, not only to give you the best service, but also the best advices to enjoy windsurfing. Thanks John we are super excited to work with you! 


Hi John, you are the current Point-7 distributor in Greece and we would like to take this opportunity to let our clients get to know a little more about you and what they should expect from your service.

Tell us your own windsurfing career? Did you participate in any competitions or are you more towards the pure spirit of our sport? I started windsurfing in 1985 in my home place in Aegina and my first competitions were in 1990. Since then I never stopped competing in national and international events. I’ve taken part in PBA-PWA events, in EuroCup events in formula, in World and European championships in slalom and formula, in speed events. Lot’s of fun for many years. I’ve won 5 national championships in slalom and formula and I had good results also in international events.

How has your windsurfing passion for you developed after many years in the sport? Do you still get to windsurf a lot? The last couple of years I’ve been more interesting in bringing more people into the sport and explain to them what the beauty of our world is. Regarding myself…. When the trees are moving is hard to stay in the office..

Which are you favourite spots in Greece and abroad? In Greece we have many nice spots for windsurfing but I can say that Loutsa-Artemis (my home place) and St. Elias in Peloponisos and Paros are my favourites. Greece has a lot of spots, and hard to say which is best.

When did you first get in contact with Point-7 and what triggered you to start importing the brand?I met Andrea a few years ago, when actually I was competing in an event in Greece. This was also the first time I had a closer look at the Point-7 sails. End of last year I decided to start my own business in windsurfing. Having the opportunity to suggest to my customers products with top materials, great design and make them feel that we are in the same side, is a must for me. So…. It was not difficult to decide the brand I wanted to go with! After many years in marketing dept’s of many companies and as an athlete it is not difficult for me to understand that Point-7 will soon be the official leading brand in windsurfing sails. Unofficially it is already the best one. I think it took about 5 minutes on Skype with Andrea for me to make up my mind… same spirit, same attitude, same plans, same dreams…. So here we go!

Where can people buy Point-7 in Greece? Is it through the shops or also online..At moment people can find Point-7 in my shop in Athens- Loutsa (Wind Warrior), in the north up in Thessaloniki we have the sails in Thomas Bakirtzis shop and soon online.

What level of service can clients expect when they contact you to gain information about Point-7 products? The most important for me is to suggest to the customers the best equipment for their needs, make a small clinic on how to use the sails (trimming), to give them fast and easy solutions for making them have fun at the best level. I think that after many years in windsurfing at a high level I have the experience needed for giving the best service.

If a client asks you to try Point-7, how are you organized for this? I have demo sails in all the Point-7 sail models to give to client and let then have a try… my shop is 50 meters from the beach, so it helps a lot.

The international Point-7 Black Team is growing, how is it looking with your national Point-7 team, and what is your motivation to support the competitive side of our sport? As an ex professional athlete I am very sensitive on this. I will do my best for giving to the Point-7 Greek Black Team the chance they need for having the best possible results.

Are you planning any test and demo days or participation at any of the national windsurfing events? For 2013 together with the Greek Black Team, I will do clinics at every event of the national slalom championship and also an event in my home place in July for trimming guides.

For our Greek clients then you can contact John directly via email or telephone with any enquires. Or better yet simply go to his new Pro-P7-store to check out the latest Point-7 equipment.

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