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Joining Point-7 for the distribution network for the Netherlands and Belgium. Harco being a successful business man, will make sure that you get a better and fast local service and customer care on our products. Harco is a full passionate windsurfer who knows at 100% our products, and you will meet him on your local spots, ripping next to you. We will share aswell his feedback on our products as he is often with the Black Team in Tenerife.

Hi Harco, you are the Point-7 distributor for The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, aka The Benelux.

Tell us about your own windsurfing career? Did you participate in any competitions or are you more towards the pure spirit of our sport? I started windsurfing at the age of 8 years on the Dutch lakes and North sea back in the late eighties. A fun time because everybody was into windsurfing, every third household in Holland owned a windsurf board and there were special programs on television and radio for windsurfing. Equipment was sold everywhere. The PWA events in Holland attracted more then 500.000 spectators. Good vibes back then. As the material got more specialized (and more expensive) the numbers of windsurfers slowed down. Not for me though; my hunger for windsurfing has been growing ever since. I have done some competitions but did not like the waiting and hanging around when conditions were good so I am mainly riding for fun. Mostly wave-sailing but I also enjoy freeriding and slalom sailing as well.

How has your windsurfing passion for you developed after so many years in the sport? Do you still get to windsurf a lot? Five years ago I have decided to sell my company and focus more on windsurfing. Before I was working 60-80 hours a week and now I’m on the water as much as possible. The last 17 months I lived in Tenerife and there I have sailed 85% of the days!! The conditions were exceptional even for the Canaries. Felt really lucky to be so much on the water in good conditions. This year I’m back in Holland but will also travel between Tenerife and Holland. This way I hope to maximize my time on the water.

Which are you favourite spots in your own country and abroad? The Netherlands and Belgium have so many good spots to offer and the fun thing is that within an hours drive you can choose to go racing on flat water, speedsailing on one of the recordsetting spots or pick the nicest waves in Wijk aan Zee, Scheveningen or anywhere on the coast. Tenerife, el Medano, Maui, Cabo Verde are also world-class spots and give great value for your holiday money. Travelling to different spots with different wind- and wave directions keeps you hungry for more and lifts your level of sailing.

When did you first get in contact with Point-7 and what triggered you to start importing the brand?For some years now I have been watching Andrea Cucchi and his team very closely during the winters in Tenerife working on the sails. I must say that I have great respect in the way they are developing and producing their sails. Now, year 2013, Point-7 is at a very high level of quality and performance. All the details are worked over and now every sail is at the top of its class. The eagerness of Andrea and the whole team to develop the best sails possible makes it interesting for me to join the team.

Where can people buy Point-7 in the Benelux. Is it through the shops or also online? First of all online via the Point-7 webshop, second our goal is to work with 3 -4 shops in Holland and 2-3 shops in Belgium so customers can have good access to the products.

What level of service can clients expect when they contact you to gain information about Point-7 products?The unique thing about Point-7 Benelux is that we offer technical support to the Point-7 clients no matter where they have bought their gear or what kind of P-7 gear they have. Rigging support, spare parts, quiver advice, tuning tips you name it. Also we offer a Try-before-you-buy possibility for customers who want to test our racing sails or want to know the difference in riding the 3-, 4- or 5-batten wave sails.

If a client asks you to try Point-7, how are you organized for this? We offer several options: try it on one of the locations via a team-rider, we can send a quiver to try for several days or the clients can pick up some sails from our office and test them on their home spots. Whatever suits them, best is fine for us.

The international Point-7 Black Team is growing, how is it looking with your national Point-7 team, and what is your motivation to support the competitive side of our sport? The racing/ slalom sails and the wave sails are at such a high level that it would be a waste not to put them in to competition. At the moment we have a wave team of 4 riders and the racing team will be set up in 2013. The Netherlands has a good base of slalom- and speed freaks so we will join and support them with our racing quiver. We are open for applications from national slalom- and speed riders to join the team.

Are you planning any test and demo days or participation at any of the national windsurfing events? Yes we have some clinics planned with Martin “Lampie” ten Hoeve for customers buying a 2013 wavesail and we will be present at the PWA-event later this year in Holland. At this moment we are also working on some testdays on several spots in Holland and a few Point-7 rider weekends. A trip to Tenerife for slalom and wave-sailing is also planned for 2013. First things first though so let’s get the black beauties on the water!!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Much wind and perfect conditions for all.

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