Gabriel Browne on the PWA a tour again! 

You might know Brawzinio, (Marcilio Browne), and yes, Gabriel is the brother! At 14 years old he joined the PWA World Slalom Tour and he was in the top 20 ranking, but then pulled out. Now he will be back with all his talent! His first event will be in PWA in Korea on the first week of May…so be ready to follow him as well as the rest of the Black Team!

When did you start your first Pwa?
I did my first PWA event when I was 14 years old in Fuerteventura. I remember I had some gear that I brought from Brazil. But when I got there I realized that the wind was very strong so I had to borrow a 5.0 from Gonzalo.

How old were you in that first year?
At my first PWA I was 14, after this event I got a sponsorship with F2. My first full year on tour I was 15 years old!!

How were your results in those years?
I was normally top 20-15. My best result was in Austria when I had a 5th place!! I was very happy!!!

Your brother is wave world champion, are you for now more known for being the brother, or by being Gabriel between the windsurfers?
I know it counts a lot for me being the brother of Marcilio. A lot of people know me from being his brother, or sometimes they see my name and ask. I think is fine for me, I’m proud of everything he did on the windsurfing world and how he is such a good professional in all aspects. On the other hand, I had some good results in the past, specially on formula windsurfing, when I won 3 straight World Cup events in Brazil (2009,2010,2011) and a 3rd Place in the Formula World championship when I was 19 years old. So there is also some people that know me from that. Im happy with what I achieved but I think there is a lot more to come!!

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Explain us your windsurfing path and life till now..
Me and my brother we started windsurfing very early. I was 4 years old. My dad was a former windsurfing champion. He won 8 times the Brazilian nationals and was on the Olympic division. But windsurfing for him as always a hobby and he never took it as a profession as he had to take care of a family business when my grandfather died. So for us windsurfing was something very natural, we were always playing with his sails, board, going to events with him. It was a nice time!! We started to really like it and he teach us the best way possible but never putting any pressure on us to be professionals. I started PWA with 14 years old and I decided to quit the tour when I was 19. I never stop windsurfing, I was still doing national events and training almost every day at home in Fortaleza. Brazil. Also I come to Maui every year, so I was always sailing here too with professional guys. Now I’m part of the Goya team, I’m responsible for all the development and testing of the new slalom racing line. I’m very happy with this opportunity they gave me and how they really trust me for doing that. I think what we achieve on the first year was very good, the boards are going rocket fast here on Maui!!! Let’s see how they go on tour now…. Ahahah

Why you did not take the wave discipline as your main choice, but slalom?
Wave is my passion!! I love wave sailing!! I have such a great time sailing here in Hookipa or anywhere. A lot of people ask me that. Why I choose racing and my brother wave/freestyle. I really don’t know the answer to be honest. It was something natural. I was always heavier than my brother and I really like adjusting my gear and tuning stuff. Maybe that’s the reason I choose Slalom. In the end was a good move for the  Browne family!! Ahahah

If you would have a wave heat Marcello Vs Gabriel, what would be the result out of 10?
I would say, if it is a surfing, down the line place…. I will be breathing on his neck!!! Ahahah. Not really, my brother for me is he the best and most complete wave sailor in the world. He can do everything for both tacks. His skills and style to perform are unique and so well done!! Pleasure to watch him sailing !!! But I have my good turns sometimes..

Why did you chose to race on Point-7?
First of all because they are black!!! What a nice looking sails, soooo hi-tech!!! Also my good friend Mathias, he is the Brazilian distributor of the P7 sails there in Brazil and he was always pushing me to use the sails. New boards, new beginning on tour. Why not new sails?? And the best sails to start everything again. They are just excellent!!!

What did you like the most from POIN-7?
The sails have a solid performance. I tested all the sizes from 5.6 to 9.2 and there is not even one sail I didn’t like. They are all good and performing very good. They are so stable, fast, easy rotation that makes your life easier when you are racing. The booms is something apart!! They are great!! Looking forward to get my new P7 racing booms. I will never forget the day of testing with Andrea in Lanzarote when he was winning races with the new boom and he asked me to test it and I started to win the races just because of the boom!! The service is something amazing too. It is a brand that the communication is very easy, this is very good. Anything I need they organize very quick for me!!

This year you are going to join the Pwa tour again, what pushed you to decide this come back, apart from the fact that you are so talented in windsurfing and young?
I started windsurfing very early and competing very early. So I’m around for many years. People think I’m already an old guy. But I’m still very young, I’m just 25 years old. Windsurfing is my passion, I love it!! As I quit the tour few years ago because I wanted to have a “normal”‘ job, I saw that this is not I want for my life and I wasn’t happy. I had always in my mind that I was not using my talent. So I decided last year that I want to come back on tour. I spent 8 months on Maui doing the development of the new Goya Boards, I e-mail Andrea saying that I want to buy the best sails on market, and that’s it!! It was the beginning again.

You were in Lanzarote for the Slalom training. How did that work out for you?
Lanzarote was great!! The place is fantastic for training. I really enjoy the time there with the point 7 black team. Andrea is great person, he is always trying to help and he is always there to help. I got all new equipment there. I was feeling like Christmas when I was 6 years old. I was happy to see that my gear is going good!!!

Where do you live Now?
I live most of the time between Fortaleza, in Brazil and Maui, Hawaii. But this year I will be on tour, so I guess I will be travelling a lot!!

Your plans apart from the Pwa Tour?
Apart from PWA I want to get the more involved with windsurfing I can. Right now I’m the Brazilian dealer for Goya Windsurfing, also I’m very busy with all the R&D for the Goya Racing boards. I love doing that!! I really like testing, giving feedback, talk about equipment. Hope I can get closer with the P7 sails development too, I’m always here to help Andrea if he needs.

Your goal in Pwa?
I don’t want to have high expectations for my first year. I know I can do well, my sails are good, my boards are good. But there is other things around…I trust myself, I train hard. Let’s see!!

How is windsurfing in South America, especially in your Country?
Brazil is growing Slalom a lot. The economy seems to be getting better again. There is a lot of people sailing. This year we have a national tour with some events. Will be great, people are excited.

Do you compete often in Brazil?
Always when I’m there I’m trying to do local events. It’s good to show people the gear. And is always very good training for the tour.

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