Freestyle sail for waves

Can you use a freestyle sail in the waves? We asked our riders who gave us their straight answers based on their day to day sailing:

Ricardo Campello V-111
 ‘’The freestyle sail drive is way too powerful when going for a bottom turn if the wind is not light.  It does not have the profile of a wave sail, and as you go for the cut back, the power of the Dacron rotation hits in, the wind fills too much, and pulls you forward without allowing the right light feeling for a balanced rig to hit the lip. You can still do all the riding, but if you want to enjoy more it’s correct to have the right sail for the right needs.

Even freestyling with a wave sail limits the possibility to do all the power moves. So, it’s kind of wasting time in the learning curve not to have the right sail.’’

Yentel Caers Bel-16
‘’A wave sail is not the best option for freestyle, but if your level is more the basic freestyle and slide moves it definitely works great, Campello is been 3times freestyle world champion on a wave sail. But this was before the power moves got invented. For duck moves the wave sails are really complicated. Like we say in between the freestylers you will have a lot of duck fucks😂

Freestyle sail for wave defiantly works great if it comes about jumping and light wind sessions. For wave riding the freestyle sail keep too much power in the turns doesn’t have this nice on off like the wave sail. but I almost always go wave sailing on my freestyle sail as well because I’m really used to it. ‘’

Herve Baptiste
‘’Disadvantage I’d say while surfing and a lot at the off the lip the power from the front panel is dragging you forward so it’s hard to transfer good pressure on the back foot to slash the turn properly. ’’


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