EuroCup 2015 – Blackteam on the top!

The new Eurocup tour has had its success also at its second event of the season. Windy for running 3 slaloms on the island of Sylt.


Our Black Team is doing a great job on their AC-1, as Vincent Langer GER-1 and Maciek Rutkowski POL-23 are respectively 1st and 3rd overall. Vincent having won Sylt, has taken the lead of the overall ranking after the 2 first events!


There many more events on the calendar to fight for the title. The next event will be the third weekend of June in Croatia. A real international tour, touching base in many different European countries.


I’m excited to see that the Eurocup is taking off the right way. Specially having 2 of our BLK TM in the top 3 position, makes it even more exciting to follow. Mostly positive is the fact that there is a circuit which gives the chance, specially to young riders to build in experience in slalom, on top of the national and Ifca championships.
Andrea Cucchi 

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