Estonian Winter Windsurfing Championships

Estonian Winter Windsurfing Championships 2014 series has ended. The series consisted of three stages – slalom, course and speed stage.
Slalom was held on Lake Harku, course and speed ride on Võrtsjärv lake.
The speed results were counted from GPS results whenever and wherever the riders achieved their best result during the season.

The Point-7 rider from team Aloha, Lehar Jürimäe (EST699) was ultimately crowned as Estonian Winter Windsurfing Champion. His results were second in Slalom, second in Course and first in Speed stages. Lehar has trained and competed along with Finnish riders and it paid off big this season.
Silver medal went to the old master Kalev Allikveer (SK Puri), who achieved 5, 1, 3 places accordingly. Bronze Medal belongs to Kristjan Rotenberg (Aloha) with 4,4,3 places. The best youngster was the Alfred Kalm (Tallinn Windsurfing School). There was 18 competitors in total competing for the title.

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