How to downhaul a sail with a simple knot!

We have really seen a lot of different ways from people to downhaul the sail. Especially if using slalom sails where there is more powered involved. There are a lot of downhaul aids to help down hauling the sails, and if you are equipped with those kind of winches, that is fine. If you want to use your harness hook and your arm power here, it’s a simple knot.

Do not ask us the name, just use it! Call it otherwise the Point-7 knot! It’s fast to make around the hook, and does not need any second to unknot, as it goes automatic. We like down hauling this way, as you really feel the tension in the mast, and if you have a bit of feeling, you can learn a lot from feeling this tension. With experience you can almost downhaul the sail to the right point, without having to look at it!

You can use this knot, on a screw driver, extension…anything you can use to downhaul your sail by arm power.

1-3 Create a loop.

4-5 Take the loop and make it catapult to the front.

6-8 Have the hook or a screw driver go through as shown in the diagram.

9-10 Make sure the 2 knots stay apart from each other…. otherwise it will be impossible to open it!!

11-12 To downhaul the sail, put you back straight on the ground. Keep the arms straight and hold tight the hook from the harness. Tighten you stomach muscles and push only with your leg. This way, the back will not suffer, your arms need no power, and all the effort is only made by the leg. Make sure that the rope is not too short. Otherwise the leg will be too bent to be able to push effortless”.

Foto 13-16 When finished down hauling, remove the hook, and knot will disappear automatically.

If you get used to this system, you can feel the tension of the mast, and soon you’ll be able to downhaul your sails to the right settings even with your eyes closed, but just by feeling when the tension gets to the right point!

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