Let’s go to DEFI WIND JAPAN!

How many of you have taken part at the Defi Wind? I guess many! How about the chance to take part at the Defi Wind in transparent waters, and nice warm temperatures, where the food and culture is unique and ready to have you discover a new part of the world?


Well Miyako island will be the next stop for next Defi Wind. It will be between end of February and first week of March, and I guess that you can be ready to discover a whole new world and have an amazing adventure.


Would you have guessed which area of the world this is by looking at the photos from this article at first glance? It could be one of those amazing known places, but I’m sure very little of you have guessed that this is Southern Islands from Japan!

Japan is one of the countries that many have the dream to visit for its culture, capital, powder snow, and many other mainstream opportunities that the countries is known to offer.

I travelled a lot in my life, but I never would have guessed that this corner of Japan was existing. In windsurfing Japan has always been famous as there are a lot of windsurfers, and as in the 90’s there was one of the most prestigious PWA events in Omaezaki, not far from Tokyo. Omaezaki was always known to be one of the windiest spots of the tour, but very different from the paradise colour that you see now in the photos.


Which area are we talking about? We are discovering for you the southern islands of Japan. Just over two hours flight south of Tokyo. The islands are same height or just little east from Taiwan.  There is a whole chain of a big number of coral reef pacific islands all belonging to Japan. The main ones and sure the most know, are Okinawa, following Ishigaki. They are the biggest and the first landing islands for most planes to land, to than change to fly to the smaller islands, or taking the fast ferries to others.  To Miyako there are direct flight from Tokyo.


When you are landing to one of these islands, you get a shocker, or at least I did! I was not expecting to see islands looking like the Maldives, or Tahiti in terms of reef and water. A vegetation close to the one of Hawaii. Waves hitting the reef, crystal water around all the islands, and white sandy beaches, that get too bright to look at without sun glasses.


I had been to this place already once two years ago. I remember landing in Tokyo with 5°C in January and then arriving on the island of Ishigaki with 23-25°C.

The whole trip is not so expensive. You might find out that the return ticket is even less than what we think. With KLM, Turkish airline, Japanese Airline or Air France is kind of easy and not too expensive to fly to Tokyo. Easy to take the windsurfing gear on board. It’s a good chance to take also your girlfriend or wife to this place as she will love it. It’s warm and the beach is beautiful and food amazing. You can stop also few days in Tokyo to visit the town. The life once there is not more expensive than what we are used to. It would be a mix between discovering a very different area of the world, meeting the Japanese kindness and culture, windsurfing in amazing spots.


Going back to Miyako island, there is a lot to visit on the island. It’s connected with big bridges to different islands which offer great sightseeing, snorkelling and sup excursions, surfing, golfing, biking around the island and much more. You can eat every night at different type of restaurants to taste the Japanese food. Sushi is only one of the many which Japanese cuisine can offer and the towns are open 24h. During the event, every evening there is a lot of entertainment they organizers have prepared to enjoy each moment of the day.

I’m really happy to go back to this event. It’s a great place to run away from cold Europe, warm up the bones and have lots of fun!


It’s organized to each detail, you don’t need to worry to get lost or have troubles, just google Defi Wind Japan 2019, and the rest they will take care of you!

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