Dam-X by Tim Ruyssenaars

Our Dutch freeride wizz Tim Ruyssenaars also competed at this years Dam-X event in Brouwersdam, Holland. He sent us this in-depth report of how the event was for him. We saw him kicking ass all the way up till 7th place. Check out what he had to say:

11 October 2017.

It was time for my favorite event of the year. The EFPT DAM-X event at my homespot Brouwersdam, the place where it all started.

After a summer between my last competition which was held in Neusiedl am See, Austria the competition feelings were up in the right place, i was ready for it!

The first day started as a training day with a afternoon session on my 4,8 Slash. The sun came trough and it felt good to share my homespot with worldclass freestylers from all around the globe. After the session we were welcomed with a bbq and afterwards the registration started. There was a little bit wind on the forcast for the early morning, so it was time to get some rest.

12 October 2017.

As the wind was a bit better than expected it was time to prepere my gear and get ready for my first heat in the Single elemination. I was seeded against the German rider Valentin Böckler, someone i know already since the early years of my competition career.

One hour later in the 6th heat it was show time. I decided to go on the water with my 5,2 Slash and my 90L Novenove StylePro because the wind was very light. I sailed all the way to the top of the competition area to be able to catch every possible gust. I cathed my first gust right before the buzzer and started with a shaka and a flaka to get my score sheet filled. Unlucky for me i dit not found the right gusts for power move so i had only light wind sliding moves on my sheet. I saw my opponent doing great after catching a good gust, wich was a little bit frustrating to be honest. Back on the beach i got the news that i didn’t advance so i had to wait for the double elemination.

The double started in the afternoon and my battery was fully charged after a good lunch. The wind was a bit stronger but not stable enough so the heat got cancelled. When te started the heat over it was time to prove myself against Erzen from Solenia. And i did, i won the heat with a filled scoresheet including power moves.

One hour later i was up in my next heat against Khomenko from Ukrain, wich got cancelled again… Sadly the wind dropped all the way around 18:00 and head judge Tom Hartmann decided to called it a day. Wich ment i will be in the first heat the next day, time to get some rest!

13 Octobet 2017.

It was time for my comeback! With the wind being more stable around 11 o’clock in the morning i started my first heat with my 5,2 Slash. I borrowed Point-7 teamrider Yentel Cears his 101L board for some extra volume during my heats, wich helped me alot. Pumping trough my sliding moves and doing my powermoves in the right gusts made my first heat of the day a succes, i advanced! Next up was Matteo Testa from Italy. I knew i had to sail a good heat to advance. I was going trough the same routine as my previous heat but with higher scoring power moves. In the end my regular Chachoo right before the buzzer made the difference, i won the heat!

I had half an hour to prepare myself for my next heat against Julian Wiemar from Germany, a sailor who belongs tot the top of the freestyle scene. I had to sail a consistent heat with high scoring moves to get a chance to advance. I did all my moves but i thought it won’t be enough to beat him. Back on the beach was nerve-ranking. It took quite a while for the judges to anounce the result. When it was finally there i got the news i won the heat because almost all my moves were planing and clean. I was as happy as a kid in a candy store! After winning this heat i was automaticly in 7th position beacuse local Rick Jendusch injured himself on the first day, i wish him a fast recovery. I couldn’t belive i made it in the top of the fleet comming all the way from the bottem of the double elemination!

I had some time to rest out because i didn’t have to sail the heat against Rick. In my next heat i was up against the the French freestyle star Sam Esteve. When the heat started the wind dropped off a little bit. I started to pump but after all those heats of pumping and jumping my battery was slowly getting empty. After my friend Davy Scheffers yelled duing the heat “Go for it! You can make it!” i got a mental energy boost.  I still manage to do a couple of good moves but i missed a powermove instead of a sliding move on each tack to make things closer. Back on the beach i got the news i didn’t made it but i was happy anyway. I got my best result ever in a double elemination of a international event, a 7th place!

Before a competitions starts, i always tell myself the following words; I have nothing to lose, i’m still studying and sailing against riders who are sailing all year long. Maybe this motivates me even more to give everyting and show everyone what i’m able to do!

I celebrated my first ‘real’ succes with friends at the Friday Night event. Friday the 13th will go in the books as a day to remember! Sounds pretty weird actually 😉

14 & 15 October 2017.

There was not enough wind on the forcast to start a new single elemination so no more windsurfing for me on the schedule. With a bit of luck i got myself a spot in the tow-in fleet on Saturday. It was awesome to be in a tow-in show where my family and friends were spectating! Unlucky for me is that i don’t have as much experience as some of the other competitors. After sticking a Burner 360 (wich was not really clean) i ended up on the 10th place, definitely a goal for over the next years to improve my tow-in skills.

After the tow-in show i received my trophy for my second place at the Dutch nationals, everything came together during this event!

To end this succesfull event i celebrated at the DAM-X party. The next day it was time to relax at the event and de-rig all my gear in the riderstent. In the afternoon the pricegiving was held and it was time to say goodbye to everyone.

After receiving the overall results i ended up on the 17th place with only two out of four events. This motivates me alot to attend the full tour after my study!

I would like to thank the organisation for the great time and everyone who supported me during the event.

EFPT DAM-X was a succes! See you next year!

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