Catching up with Mr. Tadashi

Mr Tadashi Sugihara is one of the first Distributors to join the network and lifestyle of Point-7. He is a very active windsurfer, manages distribution and the shops who represent Point-7, organizes events, makes sure his Japanese Point-7 Black Team is training together, racing together and united to enjoy Point-7 lifestyle. We are very proud to have a person so engaged to promote our brand in Japan.

Dear Mr Tadashi, you have been a very active windsurfer yourself with great results in your career. Tell us more about it.
My windsurfing life has started in the town in Saitama pref. It’s not on the sea, no beach location. When I entered a windsurfing school in the river in my town, I saw a planning windsurfer. It was the first time in my life. I and my younger brother were inspired so much. We devoted a lot of effort and time for windsurfing after that. After we trained several years, we toured all over Japan as professional windsurfers. My younger brother, J-20, had entered the PWA tour for some years.

Now you are running the Distribution for Point-7 and other brands in Japan, plus managing shops and windsurfing schools. How did you decide to get into the windsurfing business?
I started my windsurfing business opening my shop in 2001. I wanted to spread windsurfing and share my experience I saw and felt during my professional career. I wanted people to discover how wonderful the windsurfing lifestyle is, what a beautiful and incredible sensation the ocean is. I have been running a pro-shop and school, over 1,500 people became windsurfer already through my facilities, and still going on.

In these years, as the distributor for Point-7 in Japan, I am providing such wonderful gear, with professional setting, and comfortable sailing for Japanese sailors. I hope more sailors are falling even more in love with windsurfing through the Point-7 brand.

MR Atsuo Mita is helping you with the distribution, how did you meet Mr Atsuo?
He is my best friend and was the first client for my shop. The beginning stage of my business, I had just few clients and sales. I always went to the beach with him, sailing together, dine out together, travelled together. Those were the best days of my life. He is still the one for me.

We have noticed around the whole world the promotion of Point-7 thanks to your activities. Some of the best videos of Point-7 are coming from you. ‘Black Sun’ and The Black Knight. Where did you get the idea from this?
On one hand I have been thinking that there was no terrific windsurfing video from Japan, but thinking I want to make a marvellous one someday by oneself. The time passed without coming up with a good idea. One day, I encountered the Black sail and felt the confidence at that very moment, I could make a spectacular video by using the Japanese windsurfers. It was fortuitous encounter with Point-7.

We see that the Black Team Japan is very united during the events, but also as friendship. How did you manage this nice union from all your team members?
I thank all member of BTJ, professionals and amateurs. I am always trying to listen their issue. I cannot make BTJ run the right direction, create warm atmosphere, accomplish good perform by myself. My function is to listen their passions and make them bring together. And then continue to discuss again and again. In these routine, strong relationship, high motivation, good atmosphere was born in our team and will continue. We keep going this way all the way, and if anyone want to share this friendly and warm feeling they are welcome to join.

You have been involved in the first Defi Wind Japan on Miyako island. How was this first event, and will be there a second event?
For bringing the Defi wind to Japan, I asked Andrea to arrange first contact with the Defi organiser, Philipe in France. I needed to spend massive energy. Everything was my first experience. Obtaining consent from local society, like a fisherman’s union, gaining some sponsorships, cooperation with airline companies, accommodation, advertising the first event of the Defi Wind Japan. I had been having a passion. Through 30 years of my windsurfing career, I was gifted precious time and experience. I decided my mind to take place the Defi Wind Japan thanks for the windsurfing which make my life be fulfilling. I wanted to make the event be enjoyable, having happy smile for wide range age and skills as much as possible. It needed to be at the most beautiful place in Japan. Thanks for Philipe’s understanding, we were able to promote such a nice event collaborating with Defi Wind. If I have a chance next time, I want to commit in a bigger way. I want next generation to take over this wonderful event with original essence of Defi Wind Japan.

Japan is surrounded by water. Not many people know the southern islands of Japan. Many know the Omaezaky spot as many years ago there use to be a PWA event. Which is the best place for windsurfing in Japan in your opinion? How do you like your home spot against the best in Japan?
We have over 6,800 islands which has over 100m coastline in Japan. We may have an infinite number of appropriate place for windsurfing. Miyako island is one of the best place of all others. Clear water, white and powder sand, good wind, good weather, kind people. These are the reason why I choose to organize Defi Wind Japan last year. My home spot is in Chiba pref. Chiba is windy place also. Chiba is next to Tokyo, close to international airport, gathering a lot of people. It is effective and efficient location for promoting the brand of Point-7. Also, very convenient to pick up Andrea, our best friend from Italy!!!

What is Point-7 for you?
It’s the blood! Living with Point-7. I thank you again for all related parties of Point-7, gathering people for Point-7.


Thank you to Mr. Tadashi for being a dedicated rider of our brand and for presenting the true spirit of windsurfing and Point-7


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