Bruno´s winning one hour setup

Our own windsurfing master Russel Groves (The Wave Hobbit) caught Bruno Martini for an interview to learn more about what gear Bruno used winning this years edition of the One Hour Classic at Lake Garda. Here it goes:

Bruno is fast, he has fast sails. 
He broke the record at the One-hour Classic at his home spot. Let’s have a look at how he sets up his gear.

TWH: What size sail and board did you use and why did you choose that combo for the event?

BRUNO: I choose my AC1 8,6 and my medium board, RRD X-FIRE 114, I choose this combo because I tested it one week before and I realized that it was really fast. I did half hour alone and I did 10 laps so was definitely one good combo. You have a lot of power from the sail and in the same moment with the medium board you can express more speed than a big board.

TWH: Let’s have a look at the sail first. The down haul on the AC one is one setting but you can choose different masts to alter how the sail works. What mast did you use?

BRUNO: The downhaul was like usual and about the mast I was using a normal production mast. Like you can see in the photo.

TWH: You use adjustable outhauls, but can you explain how full you used the sail?

BRUNO: During the race I was adjusting a lot my 8,6 because at the corners of the lake was really windy but in the middle was a little bit less, so I pull it a lot so the sail became a little bit flatter but faster.

TWH: Boom height is another part of the equation but you are not going to stop to adjust the height. How high did you run the boom and why?

BRUNO: For one-hour full power for sure you need to use your boom a little bit lower, because you have to think about your average speed and not the top speed. In this case I put it in the middle, usually I put it higher. I was with my medium board, so you have to calculate that the board is not so wide like the 129, and you need to have a different foothold.

TWH: Most people use adjustable harness lines. Did you have to change the length during the 1 hour and what length did you use?

BRUNO: Actually, I can’t even remember if I adjust my harness line during the One Hour Because I was fully focussing to push like a dog. I use the 26-32, that’s what I can remember is that I was using a middle way. For the last lap I pulled it all the way to the shortest setting as I could get more power, and the wind had dropped.

TWH: Now let’s have a look at the board. Mast foot position is very important for controlling the trim of the board. Where did you position it and why?

BRUNO: My mast position was around 130cm like usual, also in 7.8 I have the same position. The sail pushes down a lot the nose of the board, so that’s really good in high wind.

TWH: Foot strap positions are very personal. Where do you position yours?

BRUNO: Straps position? I use the all way back for the back straps and the second counting from the nose for the front strap. What I can suggest about back foot is using the second last and not the last, because the board has a lot of power and it’s very hard to hold it.

TWH: Fin choice can be very difficult as I know many people have a large selection of the same size fin. Which size did you use and why?

BRUNO: I really like Z fins, and for that combo I choose the 38 SLM S- because is really fast and is gives me the right lift with the bigger sails. Sometime was hard to hold that but was part of the game. I think in Lake Garda in general you need softer fins, for two reasons:
1) the sweet water that you have less floating
2) the wind power is actually less compare to the ocean.

TWH: The choice of set up worked very well. Is there anything you would change to break the record again?

BRUNO:  The thing is this: I was leading alone and actually I was not really pushing at my 100%, but I was fighting with myself and sometimes it’s even worst, I never feel I express myself at 100%, but maybe a lot of riders feel that way.

TWH: Congratulations on the event win and we look forward to hearing more about your tuning tips in the future as you take competition speed further.

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