British Wave Tour in Tiree

Adam Lewis from the Black Team, just back from the British Wave Tour in Tiree comments

Tiree was a mixed bag this year, I was really looking forward to competing at the Wave Classic and the forecast was unreal! I drove up with Nik Baker over night just in time for the ferry the following morning its an epic journey, but with such a good forecast we didn’t want to miss it! However the big wednesday and even bigger friday that were forecast never really materialised, we had some fun conditions and the friday was pretty windy, the only thing that was really missing was the waves! It was pretty sketchy competing as the wave were so small they were breaking so shallow that even landing back loops I kept hitting the sand on the bottom. I had a good heat again Phil Horrocks but lost as I struggled to find a second wave. Later on as the waves began to build we still had time for a super session. It was the best fun ever and total carnage, loads of riders from the Pro fleet, Amateur fleet and Master fleet all charged into the water with a le mans style start with some money up for grabs everyone was going for broke and gear was flying everywhere! The standard was insane with 5 riders inside the top 15 on the world tour competing in the Pro’s and a really talented master and amateur fleet, loads of double attempts, no-handed back loops, you name it, it was going off! I managed to sneak a really solid double and a wave 360 in amongst the carnage and pulled off the win, securing my beer money for the evening!

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