The Black Team joins the Slalom Pro Training in Lanzarote

Training as a team has always been one of the Point-7 projects. The idea is to bring the whole BLACK TEAM from Point-7, meet in a nice winter location and work as a whole to help the athletes improve, and determine the team’s success. Having the greatest bunch of individual athletic talents in the world, who bring the right spirit to the team through their effort and passion for windsurfing, in the best environment for training. With the right tools in their hands, and the right set up for the training we knew that it could only be a winning situation.

It all started in 2013 when our team Captain, Andrea Cucchi, decided to move the whole team to Tenerife, provide a trainer for the team and a full slalom course on the water every day.That was the first time that a group of individual windsurfers have actually had a professional set up to train as if they would be racing. Straight away that season, Alberto Menegatti jumped from 15th to 2ndoverall in the PWA slalom tour.

Last year Matteo Iachino, who followed the path of what had been created, became PWA world Champion in just few years. It became a method that since 2013 has changed the rankings of the PWA Slalom World Tour, as finally the usual experienced and known names in the top hot spots were being attacked by new young riders.

Now the Point-7 Black Team has decided to move to a new location, to look forward to joining the next evolution of what Andrea had started in the past: The location this year was going to be Lanzarote. Still on a Canarian island, but somewhere new to explore and learn. By confirming PWA judge Mark Hosegood for the training on the water, there was another important addition to the plan: Giuseppe Pugliese, who has decided to join the training to follow the riders on their physical education – the next evolution on what has been done before now. Giuseppe is also the personal trainer of World Champion Matteo Iachino. Having Andrea Cucchi on hand, designer of windsurfing gear, provides an extra support to advise the riders on why they have to rig their gear in a certain way to have it performing as efficiently as possible.

We were looking for a new spot to continue our project. We had been enjoying Tenerife a lot for the last 8 years, and it was time for a change. New location, new adventure and to break what they can call in a gym, a plateaux or a static situation. When I was starting my career as a professional windsurfer I had to organize my trips on my own; where to stay, someone to train with on the water, finding a personal trainer who would give me a training schedule. It was not easy and most of the time not efficient. Training without a plan, a team of staff to support you, or training without a course on the water is like trying to learn mathematics without a teacher and a blackboard. At times it was kind of frustrating as you realized that often you were wasting time. We did not want this to be the same for our riders, or for windsurfing either – professional Windsurfers cannot only be seen as individuals enjoying the beach lifestyle. There is a lot of work that has to go on behind the scenes in order to be at the top of our sport. We often go to events which can last 5 days. You can end up in a wetsuit for 8h a day, having to battle not only with the competitors, but also with nature and with technical gear. The physical workout is very complex, and our main objective with moving to Lanzarote was to allow professional, young talent to be seen and to work as real athletes just the same as in other sports. To bring the level of professional windsurfers to the next step, and hopefully allow those outside the industry to take notice of an interesting and professional platform to come in as sponsorship partners.
Andrea Cucchi

I had spoken with Andrea about moving to Lanzarote from Tenerife, as I could see that I could also help with the project getting more professional on this island, as I’m based here full time. I had a great group of friends which have a professional structure to give support to the riders to enjoy a bigger variety of services to improve the athletes’ skills. We are also working to be more mobile around the island to sail in different spots, allowing us to reproduce the racing course patterns of many PWA spots we compete at. We are able to sail in most conditions the world tour should have to offer us. This along with the infrastructure of the island makes us well prepared for the challenges we face at competitions around the globe
Kurosh Kiani

This first year in Lanzarote has had a successful start already with over 30 riders taking part in the training.

Point-7 and the Black Team would like to thank the first sponsors of the Pro Slalom Training Lanzarote:

Calero Marinas Has developed and manages three marinas in the Canary Islands.

Aloha Spirit Holiday house for rent, amazing for a windsurfers holiday.

Maui Ultra Fins Radical Science, Iconic Riders

Las Cucharas Windsurf Club Windsurfing holidays on Lanzarote

Furthermore, we are overwhelmed with the support we have been getting from the local community, and seeing the excitement from the local sailors who occasionally join us for our training sessions. We feel welcome on Lanzarote!

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