Welcome to zero19!
Hope you all had a powerful start to the last year of the 2010’s!
We have prepared a lot of hot news for you to discover this month:

  • From the change of our sales policy, to have you shopping Point-7 in the most comfortable way, to all the secrets you need to improve your windsurfing.
  • Discover what is behind the development of the products. 
  • The presentation from our new riders on the Black Team, telling their story. Proving our products at events with their results and giving you the information, you need to enjoy more, the Point-7 lifestyle.

  • We have updated our site with the zero19 sails, each model is new! A totally new ingredient will be found in its construction. A combination of what has made Point-7 famous for its high-end performance, mixed with an un-matched comfort level ever found. What we call the Magic, Comfort, Ride. When extra comfort is implemented, the result is for better speed and manoeuvrability, extra fun, but most of all, more hours on the water with more focus to enjoy yourself! 
  • Add all this, to our black sail’s soul. Unique, powerful, with loads of drive and control in any conditions. You are ready to tackle anything. Our riders have proven this with results, our Black sails are ready to dominate.

  • Not just focusing on our sails, each product has been worked through to secure an upgrade. From our new Black Mast line, to the full update of the booms and extension. The perfection of the accessories that have been developed by experienced windsurfers who do not just go out for a session, they dominate it.

Go through the details and discover the love which has been put in each product to be part of the Point-7 Zero19 ego.

Check out each sail line, now available through our exclusive dealer or

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