Basile Jacquin Interview by The Wave Hobbit

At Point-7 we like to be involved with our riders, they have a job to do. Basile Jacquin has had an amazing year and he has some nice trophies to go in his show cabinet. Catching up with him and having a chat as he prepared to go back to university and start his preparations for next season.

TWH: The PWA season was great to watch and follow, was it fun this year?

BASILE: We had super good racing condition this year on PWA tour with Korea and Sylt who was wavy and windy! But also, was nice to go to a new place like Portugal which is good for slalom and freestyle.

TWH:– Korea was a turning stone as you came just out of the top 10 at 11th. You were in the top 16 in 3 races out of 5. How different is it being ranked in the top 16 going into the next round?

BASILE: Yes Korea was good for me this year. To begin in quarter final directly with the top guys is completely different. Because you need to be at 120% directly on your first round.

TWH:– The last event of the year was amazing. You were in the final of both races. New ground for you, what was it like?

BASILE: In Sylt I was sailing super easily in the condition, I like this condition , wavy, choppy and windy. I was super focus from the beginning until the end because I knew that in those condition if you lose your focus you can make stupid mistakes even on the early round. 10 days is long but in Sylt you need to be ready at all time.

TWH: You came 8th in Sylt, which shot you into the top 20 in the overall ranking for the year at 19th. How will this help you next year?

BASILE: I learn a lot in Sylt and understand that racing is not the only part to be on top. To be constant in most of races is the hardest part. To do it it’s started even before the opening ceremony.  But yes, it was my first top 10 and I’m happy about that!

TWH: The closing ceremony at Sylt is special, especially this year so many champions were decided at this event. 1st youth PWA. We are proud, what are your feelings?

BASILE: Yes, Sylt is very special as we have so many disciplines, so all the champions are there. The goal is to be on top of the PWA ranking but before there is so many steps. To be 2 times PWA youth world champion I think that this is one of those steps. This title is super important for me because it prove that the youth are here and could fight for top places!

TWH: You also entered the Freestyle. Will we see you entering more events next year? I know you love to do freestyle.

BASILE: Yes, I try it in Sylt without straining and without the good gear. I started windsurfing with the freestyle discipline. I make my first slalom races in 2013. Freestyle help a lot in slalom because it helps you to be more agile on the races. I’ll train more this winter and see if I can make it next year 🙂 

TWH: The other racing events in the year were a great battle as well. 2nd IFCA youth World and 1st Youth AFF. Do you have any advice to youths aiming to be champion?

BASILE: IFCA youth world championship was one of the biggest events I had this season. 2nd place is a good result as we had only 2 races and I was always fighting for the 1st place. I won this title in 2017 and this year I leave it to one of my friends, so yes always big fight for the youth title!

AFF tour (French tour) is good training because we have always some top PWA guys going to those events. I won the French youth title but also finished 2nd overall for the year, happy with that.

My advice for the young guns is to always train hard on the water and try to make the most events they can do. National tour and IFCA championship are top training event to go to PWA well prepared.

Now it’s time to go back to university and prepare next season

A great thank you for all your support and taking part of this adventure, only possible with all of you.

– 1st Youth PWA (19th overall) with many winner finals and Top 10 in Sylt

– 2nd Youth IFCA World 

– 1st Youth AFF (2nd overall)

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