Ancor Sosia Asensio

We have seen him on his S!CK and we were amazed on his talent. It’s Ancor! 10years old and living the windsurfing lifestyle we all dream of! His parents are running the Windsurfing Centre in Matas Blanca in Fuerteventura, and he is not wasting time in something else. He is there each moment of the day.

Ciao Ancor, how long have you been windsurfing and since when have you started blasting fully hooked on, and in the straps?
I learned to sail in December of 2016 and I learned to plane in February of 2017 on the beach of Matas Bay.

Does all your family windsurf? Who was your teacher? 
Everyone in my family windsurfs aside from my sister. I was taught to windsurf by three people, my Mum, Troy and Davide. Troy is the best windsurf instructor in the world!!

Tell us a typical day of Ancor during the week and on the weekend.
During the week i wake up and go to school, after school I study for one hour and then I go to the beach between two and six thirty, and then between eight and ten o´clock I train Karate.

Perfect! You like as well other sports ?
I have been training Karate since I was 5 years old and I have been ranked second two years in a row and after that first two years in a row.

We have seen you blasting, and doing freestyle moves. If you had to choose to freestyle, wave sailing or slalom?
I like freestyle and wave sailing but on my beach I practise freestyle.

What size of S!ck are you using in the photos? Which other sail do you use? Which size board?
Now I sail with point 7. In the photos I use the 3.1, 3.8 and my 2.4. My boards are the tabou twister 80 litres and my magma wave board with 40 litres.

Did you ever take part at competitions? How did it go?
I competed in 2017 at the world speed championships in fuerteventura-  at matas bay. Despite being the youngest competitor I ranked in the top ten

What´s cool about you family windsurfing centre?
The flat water, the constant wind and the good feeling with the clients.

Will you take part at Yentel Freestyle stage this July at your windsurfing centre?
Yes sure!! He will show me new moves 🙂


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