The AC-K development zero18

As you might have seen from the latest videos, ( the new AC-K doesn’t hold back speed wise from any racing sail, not even our own AC-ONE.

There is no reason for a no cam or a 3 cam to be slower than a racing sail, if the development is done in the correct way. A race sail and no cam sail can have their advantages and disadvantages against a 3-cam sail, and therefore not 1 slalom sail type is existing, but we are offering 3 different types to satisfy everyone.

The AC-K really has to be the sail in the middle of the no cam and full racing sail. It has to give the acceleration from the full race sail, and the ease of use from the no cam sail: Is this possible?

In a certain way it is! It can be decided to be either closer to a No cam, or to the full racing pedigree.

Which way to go? The best compromise? Normally yes, but when looking at the performance of the slalom no cam sails, and in particular our AC-X, the AC-K needs a new place in the scale.

Nowadays the slalom no cam sails are closer and closer to the performance of the cam sails in terms of speed and acceleration. Also, the over powered feeling is pleasant on a no cam sail. We had to give a brand new ego boost to our AC-K.

As most who already got the zero18 update have already felt the new drive from the sail, the new acceleration, and more racing performance it has obtained.

A bigger boom cut out to release the power into acceleration, a deeper profile to give higher stability in overpowered conditions, and the new stiffer cams, for a more racing locked in feeling. (4 Windsurf magazine just came out with the new issue, were the AC-K was tested in the 7.2 size, and they stated, ‘perfect cam rotation’)

Now the AC-K has got its performance upgrade without sacrificing the good things to keep it the friendly cam sail of the range. Meaning the smaller luff, the smaller 7 batten displacements and 3 cams.

If you feel the racing sails are too much work, you will just increase your fun jumping on a AC-K, without having the worries of losing the comfort and performance at it’s high end.

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