The 2016 of Tim Ruyssenaars

The season of 2016 is over. My season started with training at home for the first PWA Worldcup in Podersdorf, Austria. The competition went really well for me as i advanced my first heat in the single elemination and because of that i ended up on a shared 17th place. In the double elemination i sadly just missed two points to advance to the next round. Because of that, i ended up on the 33th place wich was not my aim. But again i gained a lot of experience sailing a competition in hardcore freestyle conditions on my Point-7 Slash 4,4 and 4,0! After those 1,5 windy days all the riders and i had time to enjoy the big famous event and the (for me) first summer feelings of 2016

After graduating my first education i enjoyed the summer to the max. I worked as an windsurfinstructor at Thijs Surfschool located at the Veersemeer and sailed as much as possible. I didn’t took part at the PWA in Fuerteventura but i decided to go on a windsurf holiday with a good friend. Wich turned out as a good descision as i scored 8 windy days out of 12 at the famous windsurfingspot Leucate. I sailed the most often at Le Rouet, next to the village of Port la Nouvelle in perfect freestyle contitions! After all those hours on the water and the relaxed time during the evenings charged up my battery and consitentcy, ifelt 110% ready for the next competition.

As i started a new education in the city of Rotterdam it was harder to find time on the water altough it wasn’t that windy in September. Still i spent quite some time on the water catching the few windy days and kept consistent in my moves. After a month of study, work and windsurfing it was time for the next and my last competition of the season, the EFPT DAM-X.

I was really looking forward tot this event because it’s on my homespot, the Brouwersdam. A lot of activities and a promising forecast, two of the most important ingretients for a great event were waiting for us! The wind kicked in, the direction was east wich is not a usual direction at the Brouwersdam. The conditions were pretty tricky for the competition and i was seeded in the one but last heat of the first round in the single elemination. There was a small chance i had to compete on the second day, i was hoping for that as they forecasted stronger wind! And yes i had to compete on the second day. The wind was perfect for my favorite competition combo; Point-7 Slash 4,8 and 102L Novenove Stylepro. I won my first heat in the single and the second heat was pretty close but sadly lost. I ended up on the 9th place and my aim was to defend my position in the double. In the double i won my first heat and had to win one more heat to keep my 9th place. My oponent and local idol Davy Scheffers was after a close battle just a step to high for me and i was ended up on the 13th place. I was satisfied with my performence and happy with my 13th place as the level of the event is insanely high! The rest of the week the wind was too light to complete the second single elemination so my result was in. I ended my competition season with a 13th place on the final tourstop of the EFPT, wich was great as 17th place was my kind of goal for this competition!

To make things even better i received my brand new 2017 Point-7 Slash sails and i’m ready to hit the water very soon with those freestyle machines! I will make a small video of my first session with the sails so expect a cold but gold freestyle video!!

Have a great winter and see you on the water!

Tim Ruyssenaars NED 66

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