2014 Brazilian’s Slalom Nationals

Last week Ilhabela placed the 2014 Brazilian’s Slalom Nationals. The competitions happened from October, 22nd until 25th.

The first day we had shift, gusty and light winds, almost on the limit to compete. Some sailors were out using 9.5m2 and 135 L board. Even with conditions like this the RC manage to do four finals with 25 sailors.


After the first day Mateus Isaac- BRA767 was leading with Gabriel Browne – Bra-50 took 2nd and Mathias Pinheiro – BRA-5 was seated on the top 3 positions. Mateus who is leaving on Maui showed up a huge evolution after a great year of training. Gabriel got some bowered gear having on his hands a 8.4 m2 as the biggest sail and a 110L board.

The second day the wind didn’t show up.


The third day raised up as the best day with the wind blowing around 20kts. Some sailors choose 8.6m2 sail and maintain the big board. The place where the course had placed was far and risk to come back to the beach for change gear.

The RC decided to do eliminations with winner and looser finals. So, in the end we did 3 winners finals.

Mateus Isaac extended his lead even have been Gabriel on your neck winning some races. Luca Pascolato – Bra200 placed besides me on the 3rd place and I did a mistake of a over early start in the eliminatory race.


The last day the wind changed coming from the south. Super light with a huge current. Even with conditions like this the RC decided to do 2 more finals. More than 70% of the sailors didn’t planing but the results was added.

After the discards Mateus Isaac placed in the 1st position with Gabriel Browne in 2nd and Luca Pascolatto in 3rd with same points of me. The criteria placed him in 3rd.


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