From the day I could walk, I played with a windsurfboard and a little sail.
At the age of 6 I got my own equipment and I started learning the basic of windsurfing.
I started freestyle when I was 11.
In 2013 I did my first PWA Freestyle event in on Lake Neusiedl, Podersdorf, Austria.
This I a short intro off my youth, windsurfing is in my familly so to get in the sport was really easy for me.
On young age I started competion in local copetitions, and like this I growed further til where I’m now.




174 cm

73 kg




  • 3rd Overall PWA-Freestyle ranking
  • 5th PWA Sylt
  • 2nd PWA Fuerteventura
  • 6th PWA Podersdorf



  • 4th Overall EFPT-Freestyle ranking
  • 3rd EFPT Brouwersdam, Netherlands



  • 5th EFPT Surf World Cup Podersdor



Tell us about your best result from 2016 and were you satisfied?
My best result was in fuerteventura, I managed to win my firsrt single elimination what was a great feeling, and at the end off the event I was in the second place, I was super stocked to finish for the first time on the podium.

What will be your goal for 2017, and how will you work to achieve the goal.
Of course the bigggest goal is to win some events and get on the top spot for the overall ranking, but I think that’s ther goal for the most competetors. But I gonna try to train more focust than I was used to, more moves on both taks. I also will work more off the water to stay fit and mental training to be ready for every situation during the competition.

Do you have any other projects you will be working on for 2017 apart from competing or windsurfing?
I don’t have really plans yet, but I like to do an europe trip and make a movie about it!

I don’t have really plans yet, but I like to do an europe trip and make a movie about it!
more kids!!! And more crazy and better movies! We have to push our self and the sport forward, we have on the best sports and we have to show it to the world.