I’m basile Jacquin from New Caledonia.
For now, I live in France for study and train in the south in Almanarre, France. 

I started windsurfing in ACPV club in New Caledonia with my dad at about 7 years old. I work with point 7 since 2014 and made my best trip and result with this sails. I made the PWA world tour since 2017 and hope to continue for long time!

Results 2017:

IFCA youth world champion

PWA youth world champion

22th place PWA overall

Results 2016:

IFCA youth European champion

IFCA sénior 3rd place

Results 2015:

IFCA youth European 4th places



Nouméa, New Caledonia

185 cm

84 kg

Slalom, freestyle


3rd World Championship Slalom IFCA

4th European Slalom IFCA

2nd Slalom France Championship

1st Slalom Championship New Caledonia

23th Slalom PWA World Championship



4th Slalom France Championship


14th Slalom France Championship