After 15 years of pro windsurfing, Andrea Cucchi had the motivation to create a new sail brand to bring a new young spirit to the sport: Point-7 and its Black Team. This is where it is today.

Turning a passion into work, and work into a challenge. Born in Milan and at the age of 9 moved to Malaysia due to family business. Once back to Italy at the age of 16, he was spending most of his time on lake Garda between school and working in a surf shop, running to the water every chance possible to windsurf. He started racing and became vice junior Italian champion first year.

Receiving the first important sponsorships at the age of 20, he started dominating the Italian windsurfing scenery, till winning 13 Italian championship titles. Spending his winter between Australia, Sardinia and Maui, where he worked with the guys of the development of different known leading brands.

He competed in the PWA World Tour from 1997, and at the Formula Windsurfing tour obtaining top 5 results. At the age of 32, he felt he needed to do something new and more in his life. So he put together a team of people to create Point-7 Windsurfing. The brand of the Black Sails. The brand has entered the PWA world tour with podium results in all disciplines, with riders like Ricardo Campello, Alberto Menegatti, Matteo Iachino, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Josh Angulo, Yentel Caers, Lena Erdil, and the whole Black Team.

Point-7 won the PWA Slalom World championship in 2017, and in the same year at 40 years old, Andrea finished himself 9th! Nevertheless his position in the company, is windsurfing every day with his Black Team, testing each part being sold by Point-7, competing in the world tour with his team, and winner of the Defi Wind 2014 with over 1000 people racing,

8th PWA Costa Brava 2017
9th PWA Overall 2016
6th PWA Denmark 2016
3rd PWA Costa Brava 2016
5th PWA World Cup Sylt 2015o14.
1st Defi Wind 2014
2nd Defi Wind 2013
9th PWA Costa Brava 2013
1st Formula Windsurfing Master Championship 2011
13 Times Italian Champion




Malcesine, Italy

193 cm

97 kg




27th PWA Slalom Overall 2015

4th PWA World Cup Alacati 2015

31st PWA World Cup Alacati 2015

28th PWA Grand Slam Fuerteventura 2015

14th PWA Ulsan 2015


46th PWA World Cup Slalom Overall 2014

41st PWA Slalom World Cup Sylt

27th PWA Slalom World Cup Fuerteventura, 2014

1st Defi Wind




28th PWA Overall Slalom Ranking 2013

9th PWA Costa Brava 2013

58th PWA Sylt 2013

20th PWA Turkey 2013



2016 has begun. Which will be your first event?
I will go to some promotional events around Europe, before the first event of the PWA in Korea. Not only racing but also for some expo.

Which will be your 2016 goals which you were not able to achieve in 2015?
To try to be a bit more organized with my personal gear. I don’t spend enough attention to it as I’m more doing things for the other and testing. This should help me be more ready and relaxed during the events. So hopefully achieve even more fun.

What is your plan these next months before your first event?
The first 2 months of the year I will be in Tenerife testing the wave sails, staying with the team, training and doing video and photoshoots for next seasons’ gear. What have you implemented in your training that you did not do before? I’m not training with the idea to be the strongest on tour. I did that for many years, now my goal is to train on the water looking more into the development side of things. Out of the water I’m not into boring gym or strong training plans. I like to enjoy the sports that bring me fun to keep fit, such as wave sailing, surfing and race biking. What will be another project you have in mind apart from results? Point-7 brings me daily projects to keep busy, as well as my family.

What will you not do in 2016, that you did in windsurfing in 2015?
Last year was a difficult year for many of us due to Alberto’s loss. I felt a bit lost as my training partner was not there, or better, I was not on the water to be the rabbit for Alberto. The motivation came back towards end of the year and I can’t wait to be back to support my Black Team as we have always done with new energy.