Why Girls Should Windsurf

Lot’s of girls are windsurfing or at least tried at one point in their life; many of them have started because their father, brother or boyfriend/husband were active windsurfers themselves. I also ended up more then one time with a sail and a board in my hands over my teenage time, but never understood why it actually took time before I really got into it and understanding what wonderful sport this is.


I live by the ocean and it has always been an important part of my life from when I was a kid, I loved dreaming to be a fish, learned swimming, and learned a lot of different sports but was never really into any, till one day…. a classical late summer afternoon, I saw all these windsurfing sails speeding and jumping around my home waters, I was flashed by the beauty and action they were offering.

I could not understand why I never realized of that magic. So I decided to go to the first course, and at the age of 19 I was first time in love with this amazing sport and lifestyle of windsurfing.

From that day I live to windsurf, there is no day that does not feel special when I can put my board on the water over winds and waves. I think nobody like a girl can explain to another girl why she should start windsurfing. So first rule is to forget that the girl needs to stay on the beach while their boyfriend is windsurfing, and forget to ask him to teach you. Not even your father or brother will be the right guys to teach. Choose a windsurfing school with some HOT teachers , specially for you girls with no boyfriend…you never know…;) If you are shy, scared or worried to start, convince your best friend to start with you.

For those who think that windsurfing is not a sport for the girls, you need to remember that we are in year 2000 and nothing is impossible for the girls! Windsurfing does not need power, but good technique, and the only difficulty is in our mind as also the gear of now days, it’s perfectly developed also for the girls to start. Does not matter if someone will laugh at you the first time, as there will be also another one congratulating you for the tough character you are ready to show in this sport, specially in a world where there are a lot of nice windsurfing guys.

I dream to run after each wind gust, in spots around the whole world, meeting new people and new unforgettable experiences. I tasted the different worlds ocean waters, touched the different sand of even deserts, and all of this to satisfy my thirst for windsurfing….you don’t always know where the wind takes you, but let your self be taken to discover wonderful worlds…”

This is a first introduction of what I will brig you too. Follow me in what windsurfing will give us, and be ready for some good technical and gear tips in the nexts articles!

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