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Jacopo Testa dresses Point-7! 

Point-7 welcomes top world class Italian Freestyler Jacopo Testa in the Point-7 Black Team.
Co-sponsored by Surf and Kite Theologos, one of the centres offering Point-7 equipment, Jacopo will be on the Slash Freestyle sail and rig to compete both Pwa and EFPT events. Powering up the Freestyle POINT-7 Black Team next to Taty Frans and World Champion Yentel Caers. 

Andrea Cucchi: “After having proven the quality of our Freestyle gear with Yentel Caers winning both Pwa and EFPT events, we are happy to have Jacopo to power up the discipline loved by many younger windsurfers. Jacopo is from my same birth town and has proven himself with many international important results and we are happy to support his kind personality. For the first time we are co-sponsoring a top rider with one Windsurfing Centre using Point-7, Surf & Kite Theologos, and this is a collaboration which will give life to new projects.

Tobias Gottfried, Surf&Kite Theologos’: “Surf and Kite Theologos proudly announces to be the official partner- in cooperation with our friends from Point-7 – of super windsurfing talent Jacopo Testa.
We met Jacopo Testa first time at the Boot fair in Düsseldorf and were super keen and convinced that giving him such an opportunity would be a great chance to give something back to someone who is such a talent and trains and compete in the sport we love.
We are very happy to be your partner and wishing everyone a successful and windy surf season.

Jacopo Testa: “I’m very honoured to be part of Point-7 Black Team. A team which has always formed new champions is now providing new motivation to get better and train harder. Surf & Kite Theologos is a partner in this new sponsorship, and we have in plan lots of new exciting projects. Thank you, Andrea and Tobi, for the nice words and opportunity.”


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