Italian Champion for the 14th time!

If you are close to 43 years old, and you rock up to win your 14th national championship title with 8 first places out of 9 slalom eliminations, well than you are our Point-7 Boss! That is what [...]

Why you go to events

Did you ever ask your self why you would like to go to a windsurfing competition event, or why people do? We do a free sport surrounded by nature, but some people like to lock themselves between [...]

Interview with Toomas Pertel

If you think you have passion, well meet Mr Passion! Toomas Pertel is our Point-7 distributor from Estonia. It’s wavy? He will be out wave-sailing, it’s not wavy? He will be out slalom sailing. [...]

How our sail development work

It’s often that sails which are presented on magazines are existing only as a graphical drawing.  The real sail does not yet exist.  Just as new car designs are presented. From seeing the image [...]

The Sri Lanka trip

Our chief developer makes recent trips to our production facilities to stay up to date with production processes and the natural evolution of our sails. Here are a few words from his recent trip: [...]