Black Sheep in Lanzarote

February or March, as in the last years, have always been the favourite months to plan the classic winter meeting of the black sheep in a warm place. The desire to find warmer temperatures and [...]

Interview with Basile Jaquin

We are getting closer to the start of the season, and we´re keeping a close eye on one of our talents of the team: Basile Jaquin from New Caledonia!. He´s recently moved to France where he´s [...]

How to buy your first gear!

You finally got to a level where you are a windsurfer. You did all your lessons in a windsurfing school, you fell in love with windsurfing, and now you are ready to buy your first gear! What to [...]

Destination Cyprus

In our series of great locations around the world, this month we are presenting the WINDYMILE  EXTREME SPORTS MAKWIND CLUB. Situated in Cyprus,  a small island with a long history and a rich [...]

Catching up with Mr. Tadashi

Mr Tadashi Sugihara is one of the first Distributors to join the network and lifestyle of Point-7. He is a very active windsurfer, manages distribution and the shops who represent Point-7, [...]

Discovering a new passion

How many years it took you to start planning or to use a harness? What is the lowest temperature you’ve been windsurfing? Well, let us tell you the story of Tania and how she learnt and got [...]

Slalom Pro Training Lanzarote

Tenerife, Tarifa, Lanzarote. It looks like more and more Slalom training camps are growing around the different top winter spots in Europe. What is it all about? These Slalom training camps are [...]

How to survive a wipeout

Over the course of a year we get some interesting questions coming through, and one of them was directed to Ricardo Campello whom we all know for his hard going and unique style. How do you [...]

AC-X development zero19

We design sails for being the fastest on the water? If you buy a slalom sail, what are you aiming for? To be the fastest! We go towards this direction with without compromise with all of our [...]