Point-7 in France

This month we are introducing to you our French distributor. We had a chance to meet Herve through one of our riders. Herve is a very dedicated distributor from a new generation. He loves [...]

The first Black Sheep photo winner

When we say things we do them! We promised prizes for the best photo of the month, on the Point-7 Windsurfing Black Sheep group, and here is the photo and the winner!   This month the contest is [...]

Its time to get back on the water!

As winter is coming to an end, and some of you might have stopped windsurfing during the coldest months, waiting for the friendlier temperatures, here is something you might like to read! In the [...]

Lets talk about masts!

We often believe that the carbon content percentage from the mast is the main important thing. The truth is that it’s better to have the correct curve, rather than any random 100% carbon mast [...]

How to keep a sponsor happy

In windsurfing riders are an important marketing image for the brands. It’s proving that the products are working during the competition, and the image of their riders also reflects the brands [...]