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Matteo is ready for the win

As we are gearing up for the release of our new Zero18 AC1, we also caught up with Matteo Iachino, our PWA slalom world Champion to see where he is standing half way through the PWA slalom season. Soon the slalom action will be back on the PWA World Tour, and here are his thoughts.

Matteo Iachino relaxing

September is here, and it’s an important month for the PWA Slalom. 2 events out of the 7. Denmark and Sylt. How do you like these 2 events, what are the conditions you normally race in?
Yes September is going to be a long month! I like those events . I won Denmark last year and I won two years back to back Sylt in 2015 and 2016. I m ready to go there. I think in Denmark we can get better conditions than last year, and sail in strong winds and choppy conditions. In Sylt we are going to sail in lighter winds as usual because when the wind is stronger they run the freestyle or the wave.

The first 3 events were Japan, Costa Brava and Fuerte. How did it go for you? Are you satisfied?
I’m happy because I have always been there fighting for the win. In Korea I was in the winners final but we did’n t finish it, in Japan I was winning it but they cancelled the heat and when we re-sailed it, I got 6th. Costa brava has been difficult because everybody was really fast but I managed to get on the podium at the end for the 3rd time in the last 4 years there. Fuerte has been amazing as usual. I did a few mistakes but I m really happy with my second place there.

We all know you are second in the ranking at the moment, but how close are you now from thinking to get the top spot?
I’m not far from Antoine. We still have three events and everything can happen. Considering that Korea was windless, we are now half way through the championship.

After Sylt, you will have a big break before the final event at the end of November in New Caledonia. How will you spend that time?
I’ll try to enjoy some wave and surf session and relax to get to the last event 100 x100 focused and ready.

You have been testing the new AC-One zero18. There are going to be on the market this month available for all the clients. Which size did you like the most in the changes?
I love the 7.8. It has always been a great size from point-7, but the 2018 one is sick. I’m also excited from the new performance of the 9.2. It will make light wind even more fun.  Got more stable and powerful without losing the huge range it always had.

Good Luck Matteo! We will be watching you on the livestream soon!
Thanks guys

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