North sea crossing

How many of us dream to experience new adventures, which takes us past our own personal limitations to feel truly alive and grow as a person who has seen past the standard day and really lived in the moment? We all do, but Ron is one of those persons who doesn’t dream his dreams but lives them. One of these dreams had for a long time been to break the windsurf record for crossing the North Sea, departing from the UK, finishing on the North West Coast in The Netherlands. A journey which in a straight line is 105 nautical miles and which to break the record would need to be done in less than 7 hours and 56 minutes. A journey of heavy swells, changing conditions and cold as the right period which offers the best possible wind conditions would be in the autumn months.

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Bruno Martini wins

Bruno Martini from the Black Team, at the age of 20, wins the last Italian Championship Tour event! In third and fifth position other two Black Team riders, Andrea Rosati and Malte Reuscher. The event took place in the ligurian coast at Albisola. 15 to 20 knots offshore winds gave the chance to run 3 full eliminations. Do you know Bruno? Soon we will introduce you to this young talent that the Point-7 Black Team has discovered this last 2 years!

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Wavecamp Pipeline Pro

So the season ended, I spent a few days at home to surf, relax and spend time with the family that I hardly ever see and was off again. This time to Warsaw to try to rescue my university situation. I got expelled before the summer as the last time I was there, was in January – too much, even for individual rules of studying!

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Rügen – Big Days

Following the PWA event in Sylt, which unfortunately didn’t give any wind for the wave competitions to take place, I had been invited by Mick Kleingarn to his home in Gromitz, Germany (Baltic Sea) until the Big Days event in Rügen.

North wind was showing on the weather maps, something very unusual for the autumn season but normally only happens in the beginning of the season during spring time.

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Windfestival Report

From the 4th to the 6th October, Point-7 was at the Windfestival on the Ligurian coast in Diano Marina. Presenting the new 2K14 products. Not the best weather for a windy weekend, but hot sunny weather created a great atmosphere and fun to the event anyway. 

A lot of people came by the event to check out all the new toys. Point-7 presented the wave line Swag, Salt and Sado, plus the newest in the range, the freestyle Slash. The 4th generation of the AC-K and AC-X were also putting themseves at the centre of the show. 

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